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2018 Akzo Textile Industry City will create 12,000 new jobs
Release date: [2018/4/28] Read total of [1039] times

The reporter learned from the summary and recognition meeting of Aksu Textile Industry City (Development Zone) 2017 held on March 6th that Aksu Textile Industrial City (Development Zone) plans to complete 5,000 trainings and 12,000 new jobs this year.

This year, Akesu Textile Industrial City (Development Zone) will always run through the main line of "promoting employment through industrial development, and promoting stable poverty alleviation, social stability and long-term stability through stable employment," and continues to implement the "reservoir" plan for human resources and the transfer of the entire construction system. Measures to widely absorb the surplus rural labor to the employment of textile and garment enterprises. Deepen the cooperation between schools and enterprises, build a good communication platform, closely focus on the needs of key enterprises for employment, build a docking platform for schools and enterprises for both parties, and effectively help enterprises solve employment problems. Encourage enterprises to actively participate in various types of job fairs and recruit the various types of labor that companies urgently need. We will fully support the construction of training bases and textile engineering departments in South Xinjiang Textile and Apparel Industry, and do a good job in all kinds of vocational skills training.

It is understood that in 2017, Aksu Textile Industrial City (Development Zone) will focus on skills training and will use stable employment as the basis. It will organize all-round, multi-level, multi-channel recruitment activities, and create new jobs for 10,202 people throughout the year. The scale reached 25,000 people.

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