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Ningbo Haishu Releases Three-Year Strategy for Fashion Textile and Apparel Industry
Release date: [2018/4/28] Read total of [947] times

The reporter learned from the Economic and Credit Bureau of Haishu District that Haishu has recently released the “Three-year Difficulty Plan for Fashion Textile and Garment”. According to the requirements, Haishu will, after three years of hard work, comprehensively improve the level of intelligence and brand competitiveness of the Haishu fashion textile and clothing industry, and strive to achieve a total output value (the entire industry chain) of 120 billion yuan.

As an important textile and apparel industry base in China, there are nearly 164 textile and garment manufacturing companies in Haishu. Last year, Haishu Textile and Garment Manufacturing Enterprises achieved a total industrial output value of over 19,004 million yuan, with an added value of 5.013 billion yuan. The number of enterprises, output value, and added value accounted for 18.85%, 16.42%, and 20.41 of the textile and clothing manufacturing enterprises in the city.

“The greater the volume, the greater the responsibility.” According to the relevant person in charge of the Haishu District Economic and Trade Bureau, in June last year, the province had issued the Action Plan of Zhejiang Province for Completely Reconstructing and Improving the Traditional Manufacturing Industry, which required the promotion of garment manufacturing industry. To the direction of fashion, personalization and quality. As a textile and clothing area, Haishu has gathered a large number of textile and apparel leading enterprises, but there are still some small and medium-sized textile and garment enterprises hovering in the low-tech, low-value-added primary processing stage. Haishu must actively explore cross-border integration, model innovation, and seize clothing Industrial transformation and upgrading of the first move.

According to the “Action Plan”, Haishu will use intelligence as its core to form a smart industry that connects creativity, manufacturing, and consumption, with “Intelligent Design, Intelligent Manufacturing, Intelligent Services, and Intelligent Platforms” as the main line, creating a “Hundred Years of Red Gang and Stylish Haishu”. With the brand innovation and large-scale customized fashion smart manufacturing as the main contents, the company developed "fashion and intellectual creation", built China Fashion Manufacturing Center and Zhejiang Province Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Center, and became China's fashion manufacturing innovation demonstration area.

In addition, the "Action Plan" will use smart design to inspire brand new ecology, promote smart fashion to transform new fashions, gather new fashion industries with smart services, cultivate new fashion economy with smart platforms, and other four actions to create Haishu fashion industry. Leading the development of new advantages.

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