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Keqiao Textile Industry Creative Design Base Wins International Design Award
Release date: [2018/4/25] Read total of [951] times

Recently, from the second World Industrial Design Conference, the Keqiao District Textile Industry Creative Design Base won the "TIA Design Award - Top Ten Design Service Platform" award.

The TIA Design Award is an international design award sponsored by the Organizing Committee of the World Industrial Design Conference. It is jointly organized by the China Industrial Design Association and other design organizations from various countries around the world. More than 5,000 units and individuals from more than 30 countries and regions around the world participated in the TIA Design Award.

The Keqiao District Textile Industry Creative Design Base has undergone four rounds of review and eventually won this international award. With the vigorous promotion of "everyday fashion", the district's fashion and creative industries have developed rapidly. This year, the creative design base of the textile industry has been restructured into the “one core, two centers” from the original F5 creative park, science and technology park, and the three major parks of the China Textile City's creative park, namely the Creative Building, the China Textile Park, and the Creative Park. Spinning Building, China Textile International Fashion Center, etc. are the core areas of the creative design of the textile industry, including “Design + Industry”, “Design + Internet”, “Design + Release”, etc. The entire art center and textile equipment design and innovation center with Shaoxing's textile equipment characteristic industrial base as the main body further built Keqiao's fashion and creative industry platform matrix.

At present, the base has 118 industrial design companies, 580 textile industry design talents and 4 leading design talents. In the first quarter of this year, service revenues such as design and R&D of base companies amounted to RMB 39 million, which led related companies to generate sales of RMB 4.03 billion, a year-on-year increase of 17.38%.

"The next step, we will take the promotion of the base as an opportunity to do a good job in resource integration, and take the 'everyday fashion' as the carrier to do a good job of industrial upgrading, and to create an international textile fashion center as the goal, to fully promote Keqiao's transformation and upgrading of the traditional textile industry Accelerate Keqiao's transformation from a global textile capital to an international fashion capital, said the person in charge of the Creative Industry Service Center of the District Science and Technology Bureau.

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