*  Our welfare

*  Five social insurance and one housing fund

*  Working lunch with yoghourt and fruit

*  Medical examination,fire games,and sport match in one year

*  Excellent workers have a wide improvement space, salary increasing opportunity for every year

 CV to E-mail:md010@ppm-sz.cn

 Contact: Mrs Zhu  0086_15850055660

* We are looking for:

1、 International Sales

25-35 years old, has international business experience, good oral and writing english, business trip and going abroad independently is necessary,with experience for exhibition is priority.

2、Quality inspector

23-35 years old, day shift 8 hours, College degree or above,1-2 years experience with inspection is priority.

3、 Laboratorian

20-35 years old, day shift 8 hours, senior high school or above degree,  industrious and hard working, not acritochromacy.

4、Spinning worker

20-35 years, day shift 8 hours, above middle school degree,Strong hands-on skills, strong sense of responsibility.

5、warehouse worker

25-40 years old, senior high school degree or above, has experience of warehouse job, with forklift license is priority.

6、Operating worker in workshop

Piecework, 3 shifts 12 hours(work for 12 hours, rest for 24 hours), experienced of pelleting worker can become regular workers in advance, worker without experience, will be trained by old workers after enrollment. Trial period 1 month with day shift, after regular day and night shift, if good ability, trial period can be shorter.

Company provide cleaning bathroom, changing room, gym and hot water. Company wash the work clothes for workers free of charge, and provide good working environment.