Release time:2023/7/24
  • Age:


  • Education:

    College degree or above

  • Salary range:

    Annual salary 70,000-100,000

Job requirements:

Self-motivated, cheerful personality, strong sense of responsibility, team spirit, obedience to management.

Work content:

Complete the spinning preparation work before production, including drying of materials, installation of components, heating up of equipment, sampling (samples and reserved samples), etc.; accurately carry out weighing, mixing, feeding, cleaning, etc. according to the requirements on the color matching test sheet Work; Accurately carry out winding, texturing, drafting and other work according to the requirements on the color matching test sheet; do a good job of site sanitation in accordance with the site 5S management regulations, and meet the site standard requirements; work according to the department's requirements, and complete on time, quality and quantity Various tasks assigned by superiors;

Company Address: No. 29 Xujiaguan Road, Beiqiao Street, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City

Contact number: 0086-0512-65996457 

Resume delivery: md010@ppm-sz.cn