Production Technology Reserve

Release time:2023/7/24
  • Age:


  • Education:

    Unlimited majors, college degree or above

  • Salary range:

    Annual salary 80,000-120,000

Job requirements:

College degree or above, previous graduates are acceptable. Work proactively, have strong hands-on ability, obey management, and be able to adapt to two shifts.

Work content:

Learn to understand the production process of workshop products, process requirements, etc., starting from basic procedures, equipment and machine adjustments, etc.; obey the work arrangement of the workshop supervisor/team leader, and assist the workshop supervisor/team leader in handling daily work affairs; according to the training assessment As a result, the personnel were reasonably fixed and promoted. It is divided into three directions: CNC automation technician, process engineer, on-site management (supervisor, assistant, team leader positions).

Company Address: No. 29 Xujiaguan Road, Beiqiao Street, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City

Contact number: 0086-0512-65996457 

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