Release time:2023/7/24
  • Age:


  • Education:

    junior high school and above

  • Salary range:

    Annual salary 70,000-100,000

Job requirements:

Physical health can cooperate with day and night shifts; obey the leadership arrangement, and cooperate with the arrangement and deployment of working hours and work content.

Work content:

Use the equipment in accordance with the equipment operating procedures without damaging the equipment; produce qualified products according to the production process requirements and production scheduling plan; accurately fill in the granulation process table, check whether the product appearance is qualified, and find quality problems in time; after the semi-finished products are packaged, Arrange according to the designated area; carry out correct mixing according to the formula type, weight and process on the material delivery list and review the materials according to the material delivery list; perform drying crystallization, screening and packaging, and flipping according to the production scheduling sequence and packaging list requirements Loading work; complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders.

Company Address: No. 29 Xujiaguan Road, Beiqiao Street, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City

Contact number: 0086-0512-65996457 

Resume delivery: md010@ppm-sz.cn