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Focus on Polaroid | Draw the blueprint of chemical fiber with transnational friendship
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让/友/好/情/谊  更/加/深/入/人/心

Make friendship more deeply ingrained in people's hearts .

Go hand in hand - share opportunities



The Turkish subsidiary of Poly Plastic Masterbatch Kimya Sanayi Ve Ticaret Limited (Sirketi) is officially located in the Fifth Industrial Zone ORGANIZED in Gaziantep.

Jointly building the Belt and Road Initiative will expand new space for cooperation


As Turkey's traditional pillar industries, textile clothing and carpet are world-famous. Gaziantep, where the Turkish subsidiary of Polaride is located, is the center of the carpet industry in Turkey and even the world. In recent years, the soft feel of polyester yarn and good anti-aging properties have accelerated the birth of polyester chemical fiber factories in Turkey. In just three years, polyester chemical fiber factories have sprung up all over Turkey. Make its polyester chemical fiber production capacity gradually develop into the third largest market in the world after China and India.

With precise and keen insight, Mr. Xu Yiming, chairman of Polariti, quickly identified the potential huge polyester masterbatch market demand behind the expansion of the Turkish chemical fiber market, and immediately went into market research and certification.

On August 10, 2021, Polaroid officially announced the establishment of a subsidiary in Gaziantep, Turkey.


In March 2022, the project investment fund was in place, which provided sufficient economic security for the completion of the Polaridi Turkish plant.

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On May 8, 2023, Polaroid Turkey plant officially started production.

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In just 14 months, the Poly Di Turkey project team has always adhered to the enterprise spirit of "full staff, full effort, maximum speed and maximum precision", and has defied difficulties, overcome adverse factors such as the epidemic and earthquake, and ensured the smooth progress of the project in only about one year.

Join hands to make a name for ourselves overseas

On May 25, 2023, Mr. Xu Yiming, chairman of Polaridi Company, and Ms. Chen Xinci of Dongwu Securities visited the Turkish subsidiary for guidance. Dong Xu and others fully affirmed the construction of the company and put forward valuable guidance, encouraging everyone to dare to challenge and climb continuously, and strive to radiate more achievements to neighboring countries. Drive the two-way development of more regions, and spread the concept of win-win cooperation all over the world.

Subsequently, Mr. Wu Weiping, General manager of Turkey subsidiary, accompanied Dong Xu and others to visit a number of important local customers, including POLY GURTEKS, MSG IPLIK, ALKA POLYESTER and other companies.


01. 交流因合作而互鉴,因共赢而精彩

Interflow brings mutual learning because of cooperation and creates magnificence because of mutual benefits.

POLY GURTEKS, a company belonging to the well-known Gurteks family in the region, is currently installing 100,000 tons of PET polymerization plant with a 72-bit Bama lattice spinning machine. Mr. Metin, the owner of Poly Gurteks, said that the two sides had established a good business relationship before the start of the Poly Gurteks Turkey project. The black masterbatch will be purchased from Polaroid after the subsequent spinning starts.

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02. 友谊因合作而深厚,因共赢而长久

Friendship is getting profound because of  cooperation and becoming long-lasting because of mutual benefits.

MSG IPLIK.MSG is also owned by the Gurteks family. MSG currently has 60 polyester POY and FDY spinning positions. After visiting Polaridi Turkey,MSG owner Mr. Omer expressed his willingness to establish a long-term friendly cooperative relationship with Polaridi.

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03. 资源因合作而丰富,因共赢而多彩

Resources are getting abundant because of  cooperation and becoming varied because of  mutual benefits.

ALKA-POLYESTER. Polyester is a polyester chemical fiber company of the KAPLAN family. KAPLAN family owns more than a dozen companies in Gaziantep, which are engaged in carpet, yarn, chemical fiber and other industries. ALKA POLYESTER has a complete set of equipment for chemical fiber, elastic, yarn and carpet. Mr. MEMET, the boss of the company, expressed his willingness to discuss, build and share with Polaroid to establish a harmonious and friendly partnership.

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Sincere cooperation boutique reproduction

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Suzhou Baolidi Material Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in May 1995. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to becoming the leader and promoter of "liquid coloring technology". After years of unremitting efforts, the company has made breakthrough progress in the production and sales of the following six types of products. Specifically include: polyester fiber masterbatch, polyamide fiber masterbatch, bidirectional stretch film masterbatch, profile & film & foam masterbatch, color paste & paint & ink, synthetic functional materials (as shown in the figure).

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