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The rate of textile business recovery, orders have improved
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The rate of textile business recovery, orders have improved

Recently, with the warm weather, the original cold cotton yarn market has warmed up, orders have improved than in March, and downstream consumption has improved to a certain extent.

It is understood that the peak season of the cotton textile industry is not prosperous this year, especially in March orders are very poor, not only spinning is in a state of loss, but also insufficient new orders. Some textile companies said that if orders do not improve in April, they will consider reducing the rate of opening. Entering April, textile orders have picked up, mainly as the temperature rises, enterprises actively purchase raw materials to produce summer clothing, and this situation is more common.

The current CF2405 contract price has been close to 16200 yuan/ton, now entering the cotton weather in Xinjiang period, on the basis of increased consumption, or will help Zheng cotton further upward. Despite the improvement in orders, textile enterprises are still cautious in purchasing, buying on demand, and the inventory scale has always maintained the just-needed cotton requirements.

Although today Zheng cotton prices rose larger, but cotton yarn futures prices fell, yarn spread continued to expand, indicating that the downstream textile enterprises and traders cotton yarn inventory is still too large, new orders in March fewer, some yarn stocks appear tired, leading to weak yarn prices, into April new orders increase, cotton yarn inventory is expected to decline.

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