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What is the material of foaming masterbatch?
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What is the foaming masterbatch?

Foaming masterbatch is a kind of material with special properties, which is mainly used for preparing foam plastic products. The foamed masterbatch is usually a polymer particle with a powdered or fine appearance.

Properties of foaming masterbatch:

1. Lightness: Most of the volume of the foaming masterbatch is composed of bubbles, which makes it light.

2. Low thermal conductivity: the bubbles between the foam masterbatch isolate the heat conduction, so it has low thermal conductivity.

3. Insulation performance: The bubble forms a heat insulation layer in the foam masterbatch, so that it has good insulation performance.

4. Sound absorption: Bubbles absorb sound and reduce its propagation, so the foam masterbatch has good sound absorption performance.

Foaming masterbatch use:

1. Packaging materials: Foaming masterbatch is widely used in packaging materials, such as protective packaging boxes and buffer materials, which can protect fragile items.

2. Building materials: Foaming masterbatch can prepare various building materials, such as insulation board, sound insulation board and roof insulation material.

3. Automotive industry: Foam masterbatch is used as a sound insulation material and shock absorption material in the automotive field to improve the comfort of the car.

4. Household goods: Foam masterbatch is used to make mattresses, cushions, pillows, etc., to provide a comfortable experience.

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