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What kind of trend will the raw material market show in the next year?
Release date: [2024/2/22] Read total of [83] times

After the end of the Spring Festival holiday, enterprises start work, preparing raw materials is the first thing that must be done, what trend will the raw material market show after this year? A few days after the Spring Festival holiday, international crude oil prices generally rose, Brent crude oil futures rose by $4.02 in 9 days, an increase of 5.42%, New York crude oil futures rose by $3.98, an increase of 5%.

Driven by crude oil, the PX outer plate price of PTA raw materials also rose from $1,020 to $1,038. Perhaps the price transmission of crude oil to polyester takes time, and the price impact of PX on PTA and polyester filament is often very direct. The price of polyester is related to the price of crude oil, but the more important factor is supply and demand. The Red Sea crisis led to a large number of foreign orders in advance, many textile companies received orders, led to a wave of long-lost years of stocking tide, polyester factory was originally in January to reduce the operating rate, eventually led to polyester factory low inventory, many hot polyester varieties were even sold out of stock. On the demand side, although many textile enterprises have fully stocked their inventory, the inertia of the past few years has led to many textile enterprises maintaining a buy-and-use attitude, so the demand for raw materials will not be greatly reduced because of the pre-stock. This year's Spring Festival has resumed work in March, March and April is the traditional peak season of the textile industry, because of the spot, fast fashion factors, there are many orders have been flat throughout the year. Between the upstream crude oil, PX prices and low inventories, polyester festival in the short term after the probability of polyester price increases is not small, if the first wave of price increases because of the resumption of work just need or buy up do not buy down mentality is accepted downstream, then polyester may appear a wave of continuous upward momentum. It is expected that many orders will still be centralized in March and April, and the dyeing factory will often be out of stock in these two months, and the preparation that the textile people should make is still ready.

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