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The supply of nylon filament is tight and the cost end support is strong
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Tight supply, strong support at the cost end

Raw caprolactam market rose slightly, on November 19, the average price of domestic liquid caprolactam market was 12,975 yuan/ton, on November 24, the average price of domestic liquid caprolactam market was 13,237 yuan/ton, and the price of caprolactam rose 2.02% within the week. In the past two weeks, there have been frequent other temporary short-term maintenance or negative, caprolactam supply reduction, supply reduction caused by tight market supply, some caprolactam equipment load has gradually recovered this week, it is expected that the overall load will recover to 74% next week, as the load increases, the tight supply situation will be alleviated, next week caprolactam market or stable weakening operation.

At present, the cost pressure of nylon filament is large, the market industry maintains capital management, sufficient supply, the overall market is still in a state of oversupply, the situation of weak terminal demand has not changed, the buyer has conflict with the acceptance of the price after the rise, and the flow speed of goods needs to be improved. Downstream demand is general, downstream weaving 6-6.5 percent sustained, resulting in general market shipments.

Future market outlook

Recently, the caprolactam market has been supported by tight supply prices, but upstream crude oil and pure benzene are weak, coupled with the gradual recovery of caprolactam overhaul equipment in the later stage, it is expected that the caprolactam market will be stable and weak this week. Nylon filament factory inventory narrow increase, downstream demand continues to be poor, downstream stocking enthusiasm is limited, just need to purchase mainly, the current nylon industry no maintenance plan, nylon industry supply or will increase, the contradiction between supply and demand is still present, it is expected that later nylon filament will show weak consolidation operation.

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