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What are the advantages of using polyester masterbatches?
Release date: [2023/7/26] Read total of [598] times

The use of polyester masterbatch has the following advantages:

1. Polyester masterbatch makes the pigment have better dispersion in the product:

The masterbatch is an aggregate made by attaching a large amount of pigment uniformly to the resin.

In the process of color masterbatch production, the pigment must be refined to improve the dispersion and coloring power of the pigment. The carrier of the special color masterbatch is the same as the plastic variety of the product, and has good matching, and the pigment particles can be well dispersed in the product plastic after heating and melting.

2. Polyester masterbatch helps to maintain the chemical stability of the pigment:

If the pigment is used directly, due to the direct contact of the pigment with the air during storage and use, the pigment will absorb water, oxidation and other phenomena, and after the color is made, the quality of the pigment can be changed for a long time because the resin carrier will isolate the pigment from the air and water.

3. Polyester masterbatch to ensure the stability of product color:

The color master particle is similar to the resin particle, which is more convenient and accurate in measurement, will not adhere to the container when mixing, and the mixing with the resin is also more uniform, so it can ensure the stability of the added amount, so as to ensure the stability of the product color.

4. Polyester masterbatch to protect the health of operators:

The pigment is generally powdered, easy to fly when added and mixed, and will affect the health of the operator after being inhaled by the human body.

5. Polyester masterbatch to keep the environment clean, non-contaminated vessels:

6. Polyester masterbatch process is simple, easy to change color, save time and raw materials:

Because the pigment in the storage and use of the process of direct contact with the air, so there will be moisture absorption, oxidation, clumping and other phenomena, direct use will appear on the surface of plastic products, color dark, color easy to fade, and cause dust flying when mixing, affecting the health of the operator. The color masterbatch is processed in the production process, the pigment is refined, the pigment and resin carrier, dispersant are fully mixed, so that the pigment is isolated from the air and water, thus enhancing the weather resistance of the pigment, improving the dispersion and coloring power of the pigment, and the color is bright. Because the color masterbatch is similar to the resin particle shape, it is more convenient and accurate in measurement, and will not adhere to the container when mixing, so it saves the time of cleaning the container and the machine and the raw materials used in the cleaning machine.

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