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There are two main types of raw materials used in polyester masterbatch: colorant and carrier. Depending on the colorant and carrier used, some masterbatches also need to add additives. Usually if the colorant selection is organic or inorganic pigment, the carrier selection is low melting point polymer, generally need to add appropriate additives. If the colorant selection is polyester soluble animal dye, the carrier is polyester itself, then generally do not need to add what additives. The former situation is similar to the general plastic masterbatch, but the indicators are higher, which will not be repeated here. If the preparation of high-grade polyester color master, such as filament grade polyester color master, it is generally considered that the use of polyester soluble dye, polyester itself as the carrier is better.

What are the advantages of polyester masterbatchs?

Polyester masterbatch has good temperature resistance, excellent filtration performance and long spinning cycle. It is widely used in the dyeing of polyester filament and staple fiber before spinning due to its excellent performance. According to the high performance requirements of automotive interior fabric, automotive interior fabric color master, excellent performance indicators, widely used in the domestic automotive industry.

Polyester masterbatch products include: polyester FDY master batch, polyester DTY master batch, POLYESTER ATY master batch, POLYESTER BCF master batch, polyester fine denier master batch, polyester staple fiber master batch, polyester non-woven master batch, PET bidirectional stretch film master batch, polyester luminous master batch. Dacron color masterbatch

Instructions for use of polyester masterbatch

In the actual spinning application, the proportion of master particles added and the spinning process should be adjusted according to the different monofilament size, filament shape and slice properties (including light or extinction). The recommended temperature range is 280 ° C to 295 ° C. Polyester colored masterbatch has strong hygroscopicity, it is recommended to pre-dry it before use, so as to avoid excessive water into the melt, affecting the quality of processing.

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