[Learn about the quality indicators of polyester color mother -granulated products!]
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Introduction to polyester masterbatchs:

Polyester masterbatchs have good temperature resistance, excellent filtering performance, and long spinning cycles. With its excellent performance, it is widely used in polyester filaments and short fiber spinning. In response to the high performance requirements of automotive interior fabrics, car interior color female grains have excellent performance indicators and are widely used in the domestic automotive industry. Polyester masterbatch products include: polyester FDY -colored mother grains, polyester DTY female grains, polyester ATY female grains, polyester BCF color mother grains, polyester fine -grained female grains, polyester short fiber -colored female grains, polyester non -woven fabric color color Mother grains, PET bidirectional stretching membrane color mother particles, polyester night light mother particles.


In the actual spinning application, the maternal granules should be adjusted according to different single silk fibrousness, silk and slicing performance (including light or light), and the spinning processing process. It is recommended to control the temperature at 280 ~ 295 ° C. Polyester -colored female grains have a strong hygroscopic resistance. It is recommended to pre -dry it before use, so as not to bring too much moisture into the melt, affecting the quality of processing.

Polyester masterbatch product quality index

External view: uniform color, no dust;

Grane degree: φ (2.4 ~ 3.5) mm × (3 ~ 3.4) mm

Water: ≤0.6%(WT.)

Color difference: level 4 (gray card)

Following point: 220 ℃ ~ 260 ℃ (different types of maternal particles are different)

Heat resistance: ≥280 ℃

Filtering (DF value): ≤1.5bar · CM2/G (different for different types of maternal particles)

Polyester -colored mother -granulated packaging storage

The product is packed in double -layer, the inner layer is a waterproof moisture -proof polyethylene film bag, and the outer layer is a paper plastic composite bag. Standard packaging 25 kg/bag. Please store in a ventilated and dry place, and place the cushion to avoid sun and rain. After the use of the package is used, the remaining part should be sealed again to prevent dust pollution and moisture absorption.

Suzhou Polydi Material Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and manufacturing of the following color mother grains and color mother materials: chemical fiber -colored mother grains, fiber -colored maternal grains: polyester color mother granules, pallione color female grains, BCF carpet color female grains , Polyester -colored mother grains, nylon -colored maternal grains, plastic -colored maternal grains, polyester -colored female grains.

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