[The sixth member meeting of the sixth session of the Keqiao District Printing and Dyeing Industry Association was held in the district administrative center.]
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On the morning of March 18, the sixth member conference of the sixth session of the Keqiao District Printing Industry Association was held in the district administrative center. Chen Hao, secretary of the district committee, attended the meeting and speaking. He emphasizes that we must study in depth to implement the spirit of "two sessions" in the country, actively grab a new round of manufacturing "Teng Chan to change the bird, Fenghuang Nirvana" to attack the action opportunity, further pioneering the vision, transform the concept, transformation, leading the competition, and strive Create a world-class modern textile industry cluster, modern "international spinning, Hangau Star City" made a new and greater contribution to meet the party's 20th victory in excellent results.

The leaders of the district is beautiful, Chen Wei participates. The meeting heard the report of the work summary of the District Printing and Dyeing Industry Association and the report of the 2022 working ideas.

Chen Hao picked up the results of the high-quality development in the region's printing and dyeing industry in the past year. He said that in the past year, the inquiry of printing and dyeing enterprises in the whole district will be more prominent. The economic contribution is more prominent. The transformation is more accelerated, and the innovation ability is constantly enhanced. The social contribution is more prominent, and the development of the epidemic in our district Control and economic social development, achieving a positive contribution of the 14th Five-Year Way Opening Council. In the new year, the all-in-one printing and dyeing enterprises should target the provincial 10,000-mu 100 billion new industries, the development of the standard textile industry, the leading business leader, find the gap, make up the short board, grab opportunities, promote development, further promote printing and dye The industry is bigger.

Chen Hao emphasizes that it is necessary to force the strong chain to make up the chain, re-grasp the corporate recruitment of the company, and reproduce the "low disorder" rectification, continuously improve the modernization of the industrial chain, and promote the printing and dyeing industry. To do a big stronger, strengthen the faucet, strengthen the digital communication, strengthen innovation support, strengthen modern management, and continue to deepen the reform and innovation, and promote the high-power of printing and dyeing industries. To deal with green low-carbon, seize carbon-up peaks, carbonaceous, outstanding energy consumption, highlight environmental management, highlight safety supervision, and accelerate the cultivation of low-carbon green textile industrial chains that form a full life cycle, continuously promote printing and dyeing industries Green.

Chen Hao emphasized that all levels must actually be practical as "shop small two", dedication to efficient services, strong policies, strong elements, strong environment, face-to-face, point-to-point, zero distance as enterprise development, project promotion to solve practical difficulties, and create battles User's best area. District Printing Industry Association should give full play to the "Lianxiang Bridge" "" Lianxiang Bridge "of the Party Committee and Enterprises, and better guidance services to printing and dyeing enterprises in the whole district, finding coordinates, condense, and building a modern" international spinning, Hangau Star City "Make greater contributions.

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