[Intelligent textiles are the future development direction and important economic growth points of textile industries]
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On January 7, 2022, Thai and New Materials Intelligent Fiber Industrialization Projects were put into production and Yantai Jingwei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. The first production line built a driving ceremony, held in Thailand and New Materials. The completion of the project is a milestone incident in the company's innovation and development. It has led the textile industry to enter the intelligent era. The construction of the project will further accelerate the company's new pace of "145" planning.

Yantai Jingwei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2021, which is a subsidiary of Yantai and New Materials Co., Ltd., specializing in the development, manufacturing and sales of smart fibers. This newly put into production intelligent fiber industrialization project adopts the world's first production technology and technology, which fills the national gap in the field of intelligent electronic fabric industry, and drives relevant industries for the popularization of intelligent wear equipment in my country. Innovation upgrade has important practical significance.

As the world's first flexible, weaving LitmeTm LeTMTM smart fiber, core technology originated from the smart fiber technology developed by the Fudan University Technical Team, for example by combining luminous technology with fiber preparation techniques, the new intelligent optical fiber product, It can give textile light, discoloration, energy storage and sensing, breaking the functionalized barriers of traditional fiber materials, promoting the depth cross-integrated integration of textiles, physics, chemistry, biological, medical, information, etc., for aerospace, safety protection Innovation in the fields of biomedical, artificial intelligence, providing a new generation of base materials. At present, LitmeTM LeTM TM fiber works in cooperation with multiple industry leaders in the fields of automotive industries, information electronics, intelligent wear, and promoting application scenarios and promotes innovation and development in related industries.

Intelligent textiles are the future development direction of the textile industry and important economic growth points. Thai and new materials will always adhere to the development strategy of "talent leadership, innovation", promote the development of emerging industries such as intelligent wear, information technology, artificial intelligence, build multi-point support, multi-polar development new materials industry development pattern, bring customers Greater value, in order to create a new motivation into new motivation in human beings, enhance the company's operating power in the world.

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