[China Textile City Market Needle Dove Transaction]
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Recently, China's Textile City Market is still active in the transaction of large circular knitted suede, and has a small batch of small batchs in the transaction of the mouthpiece fabric, and the transaction cotton variety interaction is promoted.

Recently, the large-scale transactions of the large circle in the nucleophile market have been smooth. The orders have been active, and the demand is growing, and the fancy varieties are increasing, and the price of creative floral fabrics still increases. All kinds of polyester filament kniles, the overall sales market is still relatively active, knitted puller single-sided velvet, knitted puller double sided velvet, knitting, knitted, knitted coral velvet, knitted varelings, knitted new Olympus, knitted shake Cleanse and other winter knitted velvet creative floral fabrics have still risen.

Polyester DTY144F Knitted single-sided coral fleece door 160cm (edging), 220 g / square meters米 黄 黄 面 面 局 局 局 局 中. Polyester DTY144F knitted dye single side does not fall out of the door 178cm, 320 g / square meter and door radius 160cm, 260 g / square meter Special Black Ze Fangtian City, the order is increased, and there is a medium-batch delivery. Polyester DTY96F knitted dye single side does not fall out of the door 175cm, 280 g / square meter, 300 g / square meter special black Swazui partial line bulk increase, even the whole car delivery, rust red, purple, rose, red, red The color fabric bid is shipped in batches.

T / T pure gauze 32S knit printing pearl fleece bleached bottom thickte black leopard point, beige bottom thickte black dragonop point, bleached bottom thickte black + coffee handles + beige dot, beige bottom dense Black + coffee handles and other creative floral fabrics are partially best-selling.

There are various types of knitted plush in the traditional market, and the watched shear and weft knitted knitted woven creative color Zezhu fabric has increased slightly. All kinds of polyester filaments knitting plush, editing claushed, passing the edible cotton velvet and weft knitting the velvet multiprinender-flow fabric spot transaction price slightly stabilized, some public spot for larger There is also a discount for the spot delivery transaction.

In the past few days, the textile city fabric market is still significantly increased by the demand for large circular machine knitted suede fabrics, and the maintenance of the double-sided velvet, the maintenance transaction of the double-sided velvet, the foreign trade order batch, the transaction volume is shocking Rising trend. Many market operators continue to optimize the market, production and processing is more active, marketing advantages.

Recent markets, mainly based on home textile ornaments, beds with polyester filament large circular machine, have a small batch of double-sided velvet transactions, and the total amount of transactions have a shock and rising trend in the early stage, and it is loaded with polyester long silk Knit double brush single shake staining shake, single brush single-shake color shake, print single-sided velvet, etc. Polyester knitted print laundry single-sided velvet The manufacturer's marketing department and large-scale charter large-scale orders are also relatively smooth.

Recently, the short-textured city market is applicable to the bed, the main round of the knit printing fabric is relatively active, knitted double-sided printing full hiding, knitted printed pearl, edited, low-printed cotton velvet, knitted printing Snowy, knitted printing polyester low pop-up snow, knitted polyester cotton coral velvet, knitted polyester low elastic coral velvet and knitted print polyester double sipovped, knit printing polyester single-sided velvet, etc. The transaction is multi-variety interaction, and the total transaction has been promoted in the shaking.

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