[What is the impact of the US important port goods?]
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Port of Long Beach and Los Angeles is the two most important ports in California, and there are thousands of containers every day. Now, most of these containers are loaded from the other end of the Ocean, as a country that is the first to resume capacity from the global new crown epidemics, where the goods are continuously shipped by the far-beaten trip to the United States.

Now, these containers seem to be "discarded".

The United States has begun to handle this problem, and the method is a fine. Starting in late October, there is a continuous freight forwarding company that some major ports in the United States have begun to make a fine of containers who have stayed in the port. Now, the movement of Port of Long Beach, Los Angeles is the most rapid, they start from November 1st. Start implementing a fine.

Port Los Angeles is carrying out a 90-day "rectification" work. In this rectification, the Los Angeles port will receive a "fine" of 100 US dollars per container exceeded the stock time, this penalty will point to the transport container. Ship company.

The snow is added, followed by Los Angeles, Long Beach launched the "Container Excess Dwell Fee), this recording has spread to other portions of the United States! On the same day (November 1st), the two container terminals under the Washington, November 1st, November 1st, November 1st, November 1st, November 1st: Tacoma Washington Joint Container Terminal (Washington United Terminals), and Takco Horse-Husky Container Terminal (HUSKY TERMINAL), successively announced the retention container for the pier!

Takarma-Washington United Port (WUT) released official announcement on November 1: Announcement will retention over 15 calendar days on the terminal on the pier to over-term retention, the charging standard is every A container charges $ 310!

On the side of the container, the accumulation of the container needs a fine to "seek solve", on the other hand, on the other end of the ocean, but it is very difficult to find a container. "Looking for a box" has become a mission of many Chinese foreign trade companies, but it is difficult to reach a task, they have to bear the rapid rise in the show brought.

When China took the lead in controlling the epidemic, global trade demand began to recover, the boom of boom and slowed the port operation rate, which created such a situation: When the cost of staying in the port is increasing, the ship company has to make One option, "Discard" part of the container in the port, after all, they have to ensure the orderly operation of the class ship and control the cost in a reasonable range.

On the other hand, the clogging of the US landing link allows containers to accumulate in the port, and also leads to the other end of the ocean, and the container has become a scarce resource; for shipping companies, they also need to find new Containers in order to continue their business.

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