[Analysis of the basic situation of the masterbatch industry]
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The development of my country's color masterbatch industry started in the 1970s. After nearly 50 years of development, my country is now the largest masterbatch producer in Asia. According to the "Analysis Report on Market Demand and Investment Planning of China's Color Masterbatch Industry" released by the Prospective Industry Research Institute, the current number of masterbatch manufacturers in my country has exceeded 7,000, but their production capacity is generally small and the market concentration of enterprises is low. . Companies in the industry with relatively large production capacity mainly include Ngai Hing Hong Co., Ltd., Guangdong Midland New Materials Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Praike Hongmei Masterbatch Co., Ltd., Shandong Chunchao Group Co., Ltd. The grain production capacity exceeds 10,000 tons. The report data shows that the overall production capacity of my country's masterbatch should be more than 800,000 tons, which means that the production capacity of Midland New Materials and Red Plum masterbatch is only about 5%, and the industry lacks real leading enterprises. ,

According to the analysis of the Prospective Industry Research Institute, on the whole, there are currently a large number of market participants in the color masterbatch industry in my country. However, due to the lack of absolute industry leaders and low industry thresholds, the current industry competition is still in a disorderly competition stage. More intense. However, with the continuous development of the industry in the future, industry concentration will gradually increase, and the scale effect of leading companies will be highlighted, driving the healthy and orderly development of the industry.

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