[Hutubi County Establishes Cotton Industry Alliance to Achieve Win-Win Results for Agricultural Enterprises]
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Hutubi County is one of the country's cotton production counties and national high-quality cotton production bases. This year, Hutubi County actively explored and promoted the construction of the cotton industry alliance to form a shared resource for enterprises and farmers, and to reduce cotton cultivation, production and sales. Cost, promote the optimization and upgrading of the cotton industry, increase farmers' income.

On April 30th, in the village of Wuquantai, Wututai Town, Hutubi County, Yongyong, the person in charge of Leho Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., was checking the situation of workers installing drip irrigation belts. Different from previous years, Lohving Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. and Xinjiang Yunlong Cotton Industry Co., Ltd. signed an industrial alliance cooperation agreement for 5,000 acres of land. The Lohas Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. is responsible for planting, and Xinjiang Yunlong Cotton Industry Co., Ltd. is responsible for the unified cotton. Variety, agricultural resources, agricultural technology services, gin processing, brand sales, Yongyou only need to do a good job of cotton field management can make money, more easily than in previous years.

Xinjiang Yunlong Cotton Industry Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the acquisition and processing of lint cotton. In 2018, the cotton industry alliance was launched. Currently, 30,000 mu of farmer and family farm land have been transferred. Farmers are responsible for planting. The company has unified varieties, unified management, and unified picking. Solve the problem of financing difficulties and poor management of cotton farmers, and provide good quality assurance for the company's raw materials, so as to achieve a win-win situation for farmers.

It is understood that by 2019, Xinjiang Yunlong Cotton Industry Co., Ltd. is expected to transfer 100,000 mu of land, and next Hutubi County will also actively promote textile enterprises, ginning enterprises, seed production enterprises, agricultural capital enterprises, agricultural machinery cooperatives, and large planters. The cotton production and business units voluntarily form industrial alliances, taking the market and consumer demand as the direction, opening up links such as production, processing, circulation, textiles, and other whole industrial chains, changing the traditional “small and decentralized” production methods, building a coalition organization system and industrial platforms. Promote the optimization and upgrading of the cotton industry.

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