[A large number of buyers poured into the market!]
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On the morning of the eighth day of the first month, China Textile City opened to welcome visitors. Buyers from all over the country poured into the city in large numbers. Business owners received many orders for the Spring Festival, and everyone was full of confidence.

On the first day of market opening, in China textile City north united curtain fabric market, shops, channels, are full of buyers from south to north. Wuhan merchants Yang Wenxia after getting off the first stop to the "Amelie" store. "We're old friends, so my first family had to come over here first." "This year is definitely going to be a good year," Ms. Yang said. "Everyone is very confident."

As far away as Beijing merchants Chen Tao also optimistic about the development of this year, the first time after the Spring Festival rushed to the textile city to select new spring products. In the "step way" store, he picked while looking while asking, he told reporters, this year's new products not only variety, but also good quality, "this year is ready to make more products, a big fight!"

The influx of a large number of buyers let textile city operators feel the enthusiasm of the market. "Amelie" store manager Xu Fang told reporters, in previous years is the eighth day of the opening, this year they opened on the seventh day, because at the end of last year there are a lot of customers call to say they want to come early. "The first day was a huge hit, with lots of orders and lots of new customers." Xu Fang said with a smile, this is a very good start, I have the confidence to make up the three years affected by the epidemic performance back, double.

Not far from the "Buwei" shop department, buyers in and out. "The fifth day of the customer to come, this year the flow of people is really much, and a lot of orders." Store manager Zhan Tingting, wearing a bright red coat, beamed, "Although I haven't done the exact calculation, the sales of several million yuan should be there these days."

Behind the thriving trade can not be separated from the business and the market side of the planning in advance. On new products, for decoration, excellent environment, service...... Both inside and outside the market were new and cheerful. Xu Fang told reporters that it took four or five months to prepare six series of more than 100 new products for customers to choose. Zhan Tingting started the shop decoration as early as a year ago. On the 30th and the first day of the Lunar New Year, the decoration team was still working. On the second day of the Lunar New Year, she also came to the shop to keep an eye on the decoration.

In order to help China textile City prosperous opening, the market management during the Spring Festival this year will not take a holiday, go all out to do a good job in the service of business and merchants. "Our market took a series of measures before the year, on the one hand is hardware upgrading, on the other hand, we try to meet the needs of business decoration, compared with previous years, we put the decoration time in advance of a week, so that business households seize the opening of the New Year this favorable opportunity, strive to win 'a good start'." Zhejiang China Textile City Group Co., LTD. Vice general manager Ji Jiangfeng introduced.

Reporters from the China Textile City construction Management Committee learned that on the eighth day, China textile city east market, North market, North market and other major professional markets have opened the door to welcome customers, the opening day of the market average opening rate of 53%, among which, North United market opening rate of 98%. "Find Cloth Brother" is also ready to help the rapid docking of the needs of both sides, to create more achievements in the New Year!

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