[Polyester masterbatch plays an important role in plastics industry]
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This article describes the important position and role of polyester masterbatch  in plastic products industry in four aspects:

(1) The color performance of polyester masterbatch is outstanding

Due to the direct contact with air in the process of storage and use of colorants, moisture absorption, oxidation, agglomeration and other phenomena, direct use will appear on the surface of plastic products, color dark, color fade easily. The color masterbatch in the production process through mechanical processing, the colorant is refined, the colorant, resin carrier and various additives are fully mixed, so that the colorant and air, water isolation, thus enhancing the weather resistance of the colorant, improve the dispersion and coloring power of the colorant.

(2) polyester masterbatch is one of the key factors to determine the quality of downstream plastic products

The additive proportion of polyester color masterbatch in plastic products is generally more than 2%. Although the cost in the production process of downstream enterprises is relatively low, it has an important impact on the beauty and quality of plastic products. Plastic products are generally large-scale and continuous production, if the use of color master particle color difference, dispersion, resistance to migration and other technical indicators are not up to the standard, often lead to the whole batch of products quality grade decline or even scrap, so downstream customers pay great attention to the quality grade and quality stability of color master particle. The development and deepening of color masterbatch technology has promoted the technological progress and industrial upgrading of plastic products industry.

(3) polyester masterbatch  can promote the cleaner production of downstream plastic products industry

The use of color masterbatch in the production of plastic products can generally reduce the discharge of dust, sewage and other pollutants, protect the health of employees, but also reduce the waste of colorants, in line with the national industrial policy guidance and green environmental protection industry trend. When adding and mixing traditional powder coloring materials, the downstream plastic production enterprises are prone to dust flying, which may cause health damage to the production personnel, and often need to clean the working environment, resulting in a large amount of pigment wastewater discharge. In addition, the dispersion of the traditional powder coloring material in the resin is worse than that of the color masterbatch, resulting in more additive amount under the same coloring requirements. The liquid coloring material is easy to spill when adding and mixing, and may outflow when cleaning, which is easy to cause water pollution.

The color master dispersing the colorant in the carrier resin, less dust in the process of adding and mixing; The production environment of the downstream product enterprises using color master particle coloring is clean, easy to clean, and the waste water discharge is reduced, which ADAPTS to the trend and requirements of the cleaner production of the downstream plastic product production enterprises. The color masterbatch has good dispersion and reduces the waste of colorant.

(4) Reduce the downstream comprehensive use cost

Due to the similar shape of polyester master particle and resin particle, it is more convenient and accurate in measurement, and will not stick to the container when mixing, thus saving the time of cleaning container and machine and the raw materials used in cleaning machine. With a small amount of functional color masterbatch added to a large amount of resin processing can become a product. Compared with modified plastic technology from resin to products to go through two processing processes, most of the materials experienced less than a processing process, not only save processing costs, but also more advantageous to maintain product performance. The functional color masterbatch has a tendency to replace the modified plastics.

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