[The country has a fibrous dimension coming spring]
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One year, under the background of sluggish requirements in the textile downstream market, overall chemical fiber, severe market conditions, low prices throughout the year, obvious lack of industry starts, and corporate profit pressure, domestic fiber has grown up." In this year, the line of the industry was basically running at full burden, product production and sales were booming, enterprises generally earned "full of pots", and many new projects raced against time to meet the construction period.

Small tows are steadily supplied to major areas

  Aviation channels and calendars are the advantageous application fields of carbon fiber, and the products used are small tows. The orders for directional supply to large customers in the aerospace field are the "ballast stone" and stabilizer that China's fiber industry can stabilize every year.

  Weihai Guangwei Composite Material Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as "Guangwei Composite Material", is a fiber for our national defense industry. At the end of last year, Guangwei Composite signed a total amount of total, and the contract period was from one year to another. In the first three quarters of this year, Guangwei Fu was able to achieve a large business and income treaty, and the net profit attributable to listed companies was the upper yuan, and jointly increased the long supplement. The continuous diversification of products and businesses, continuous high R&D investment and business cultivation and development are the foundation for the steady development of the company's performance.

Small tow high-end people should not be required to use the offerings offered in the market

  This year, Faxing and Fawei were used in the private sector.

"There is a prominent phenomenon in the fiber industry this year, new people entering Beijing to study for more achievements, more new production capacity. Everybody thinks about it, "From the product point of view, this year's Roo 0 and above models have little competitive pressure, because their product threshold is relatively high, and it is difficult to achieve simple and fast replication." The new investment is mainly aimed at expanding the production capacity of large tows, and the production can be replicated quickly and on a large scale. From the perspective of price, the noble character of the grapevine and the boon is basically in the eye." ”

The production and sales of large tows are booming, but they have cooled down

"Back last year, the growth of electroless fiber in the middle school was 'hard to find'. Because it has, it is also with it, and it is also with it. Therefore, it is also big. An insider in the industry sighed.

  This year, the large tow carbon dimension market is still in a state of product sales, and production enterprises are still "full of pots".

  Jilin Carbon Valley Silk Fiber Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as "Jilin Carbon Valley" has increased the number of people for hundreds of millions of years to one in ten thousand, and the interests of the people of the world have been grouped together and increased in length. Last year, he was in charge of the business, reclaiming for hundreds of millions of years, again adding the elders, and reducing them to pure and thick raw materials. And in that year, the net profit in it was still in the red, losing everything.

  Jilin Carbon Valley said that this year, the company's products have been widely used in industrial and civil markets, and the sales of precursor silk have increased. With the gradual finalization of new tow products, the quality of new and old products continues to improve, the company's main products are selling well, and the average sales are rising, supporting the growth of net profit.

"China's large tow carbon dimension market fiber market fiber market 'fight price' situation, to the level, A senior practitioner in the fiber dimension industry.

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