[Polyester masterbatch is used in automotive interior fabrics!]
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Polyester masterbatch is widely used in automotive interior fabrics. Polyester masterbatch is a master batch of polyester resin, which is mixed with carbon black or other colors of pigment and extruded to produce small particles for dyeing other plastic products.

Color masterbatch

Polyester masterbatch products have a wide range of colors, complete chromatography, black, extinction whitening, fluorescent whitening and a variety of colors, can be prepared according to the different requirements of customers. This product series mainly includes: PET filament masterbatch and short fiber masterbatch.

Polyester masterbatch is suitable for different spinning process requirements, such as UDY, POY, FDY and other filament spinning equipment and process requirements; Also used in polyester high strength industrial silk; Staple fiber production equipment such as Toyo Textile equipment produces various colors of staple fiber, but also suitable for other quality requirements of fiber production.

The polyester masterbatch has good light resistance and heat resistance, the melting point is above 280℃, and the polyester masterbatch has strong hygroscopicity. Before using the polyester masterbatch, the master batch should be dried at 120℃ for more than 8 hours.

Package and store in polyester masterbatch

The product adopts double packing, the inner layer is waterproof and moisture-proof polyethylene film bag, the outer layer is paper-plastic composite bag. Standard packing 25 kg/bag. Please store in a ventilated, dry place, under the cushion, to avoid the sun, rain, master color guarantee its quality up to 5 years. The remaining parts should be re-sealed after opening the package to prevent dust pollution and moisture absorption.

Suzhou Baolidi Material Technology Co., LTD was founded in May 1995. We have been focusing on the production of polyester (PET) and nylon (PA) chemical fiber masterbatch and functional masterbatch for 20 years since its inception. Now it has developed into a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production and marketing.

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