[Shaoxing Keqiao introduced the New Deal of textile intellectual property protection]
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In Shaoxing Keqiao, textile intellectual property rights are more and more guaranteed. Recently, Keqiao District issued "Implementation Opinions on Further Strengthening the Protection of Textile Intellectual Property Rights in the Whole District", effectively strengthening the protection of textile intellectual property rights in Keqiao District from the policy level, and improving the competitiveness of textile innovation. The new policy will take effect on November 20.

As one of the largest textile industrial clusters in China, Keqiao District's textile industry capacity accounts for about one third of the country's textile industry. Meanwhile, nearly one quarter of the world's textile products are traded in China's light textile city. Protecting textile intellectual property rights is to protect industrial innovation and development momentum. In recent years, there are many highlights of textile intellectual property work in Keqiao District. It is the first in China to establish the Pattern Protection copyright protection office, the first rapid protection center for intellectual property rights in the textile industry, and the first district-level intellectual property protection center in the province. In addition, China's first textile fabric pattern data center and AI comparison system have been built, and the country's first textile pattern copyright pledge financing has been successfully issued. In 2021, the Intellectual Property Office of Keqiao District was awarded the outstanding collective of intellectual property protection work in 2021, which was the only collective in Shaoxing City awarded the award. The "whole chain" protection project of textile industry intellectual property rights in Keqiao District has been successfully selected as the "Best Practice" project of 2021 provincial government construction under the Rule of Law at counties and townships.

The Implementation Opinions on Further Strengthening the Protection of Textile Intellectual Property Rights of the Whole Region issued this time proposed that the core competitiveness of the textile industry of Keqiao District should be continuously enhanced through original innovation, integrated innovation and introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation. More than 300 new high-value invention patents are applied every year, and more than 1,000 new textile design patents are applied. We strive to achieve 17 high-value invention patents per 10,000 people by 2025. By improving the efficiency of the whole process of intellectual property investment, research and development, achievement recognition, utilization and protection, and improving the overall competitiveness of the industry, more than 5 national intellectual property advantage (demonstration) enterprises are added every year; Promote the iterative upgrading of textile "pattern number governance" system, develop the electronic copyright registration function of the whole process, and keep the number of pattern copyright registration in the forefront of the province; We will actively cultivate patents of high value, and transfer and license more than 100 patents every year. The amount of financing pledged by intellectual property rights increases by 10% annually.

New Deal also strengthened the system plan, paying attention to protecting intellectual property rights coordination, identified the establishing and perfecting the intellectual property creation, utilization, protection, management and service the whole chain protection system, establish a ke bridge textiles joint conference system of intellectual property protection and construction "KeQiao quick d center" overseas disputes should guide the sub-center, implementing intellectual property agency concerning foreign affairs service training plan, Organized special rectification actions such as "thunder" and "blue sky" for intellectual property rights, and created a new situation of IPR protection for Keqiao Textile with greater strength, stricter measures, higher standards and deeper fields.

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