[What are the classifications of polyester masterbatches?]
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Introduction to the application of polyester masterbatch

A wide range of colors, complete chromatography, black, white, fluorescent whitening and all kinds of color, can be prepared according to the different requirements of customers.

This series of color masterbatches can be divided into filament masterbatches and short fiber masterbatches according to the different fibers used. The two kinds of masterbatch are suitable for different spinning process requirements. The former is used in filament spinning equipment such as UDY, P〇Y, FDY and polyester high-strength industrial filament spinning equipment, while the latter can be used in staple fiber production equipment such as Toyo Textile equipment to produce polyester staple fiber of various colors.

The specific application products of polyester masterbatch include outdoor fastener quality fiber, sewing thread, embroidery thread, automotive interior carpet products and common civilian fiber.

Application method of color masterbatch for polyester fiber spinning

It is recommended that the color masterbatch be dried at 120^ temperature for more than 8 hours, and then be spun by using a master syringe or mixing well with slices.

Polyester masterbatchby color: black, red, yellow, blue, green, beige, extra white, fluorescent whitening, fluorescent peach, other kinds of colored chemical fiber color master.

polyester masterbatch is divided into antibacterial masterbatch, anti-aging masterbatch, jellyfish loving masterbatch, antistatic masterbatch, soft masterbatch, negative ion masterbatch, flame retardant masterbatch and other functional chemical fiber masterbatch.

Polyester masterbatch features: good quality stability, excellent dispersion, quality assurance; Chemical fiber color master is directly used with mixed resin, does not pollute the container, easy to change color; Provides monochrome and full-concentration pre-dispersed pigments for easy color matching. It is made of high quality organic pigments, inorganic pigments and additives. It is characterized by good filtration performance, bright color, good repair resistance and no migration.

Polyester masterbatch packaging and storage:

The product adopts double-layer packaging, the inner layer is waterproof and moisture-proof polyethylene film bag, the outer layer is paper-plastic composite bag. Standard package 25 kg/bag. Store in a ventilated, dry place, with cushions under, avoid sun and rain, and the masterseed color can be good for up to 5 years. The remaining parts should be re-sealed after unpacking to prevent dust pollution and moisture absorption.

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