[Keqiao held the first knitted grey cloth source factory meeting]
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Recently, organized by Shaoxing Lanka Marketing Planning Co., LTD., a matchmaking meeting focusing on the source factory of grey knitting cloth was successfully held in modern Building Telong Bank, which made up for the vacancy in the industry and effectively integrated the superior resources. Fifty knitted grey cloth factories of Keqiao participated in the exhibition, attracting more than 200 trading companies.

Acetic acid, silk, Chenille... On the scene of the matchmaking meeting, the source factories of knitted grey cloth brought high-quality products, which was crowded and popular. "We have more than ten years in Keqiao, this meeting we brought more than a hundred products, mainly lace, mesh, lace." "Tianhao knitting" responsible person Xie Xiaozhen told reporters, matchmaking meeting effect is very good, and many buyers left contact information.

This activity also attracted "Golden Idea Textile", "Dashu Textile", "Jiejie Textile", "Mina Textile" and other well-known trading companies to participate. "We have participated in almost every activity held by 'Lanka Marketing', which is very strong and can effectively solve the pain points of the industry. This time, the company sent three salesmen to find the factory together." "Golden idea textile" business department director Li Yanli said.

Grey fabric weaving is one of the important links in the textile industry chain, and Keqiao is an important knitted grey fabric weaving base in China. Thousands of knitting enterprises are active here, but the channels to find manufacturers of grey knitted cloth are relatively closed. The reporter learned that the grey fabric market in China's light textile city is mainly woven grey fabric, and the business contact with the knitted grey fabric factory is generally recommended by friends, there is no exclusive market, and the demand for icebreaking to hold the industry matchmaking meeting is obvious.

The first knitted grey cloth Source Factory matchmaking Meeting in Keqiao is another public welfare matchmaking project after "Lanka Marketing" organized the matchmaking meeting in Keqiao Foreign Market and Keqiao after finishing factory. "Originally, we invited factories from other places, such as Changzhou, Changshu, Haining, etc., but due to the epidemic prevention and control, we adhered to the principle of safety office activities, so we only invited the knitting grey cloth factories in Keqiao. The activities were divided into two sessions in the morning and afternoon, and the total number of participants was nearly 300." "Lanka marketing" general manager Han Jun said, the next, will also organize trade service type of matchmaking.

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