[Clear the popular color trend, insight into the consumer color emotion]
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With the continuous upgrading of the supply and demand of personalized, fashionable and quality textile consumer goods, the influence of fashion color on product marketing can not be underestimated. Enterprises urgently need to build a product color development and application system based on design, quality, culture, management and other dimensions.

On August 18th, Keqiao Daily Fashion -- fashion exchange activity "2023/24 autumn and winter color planning special training practical class" opened in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Keqiao Chinese Women's Fabric Fashion Trend Research Institute. This activity focuses on product development and marketing, with the color fashion trend, color design logic, color planning thinking, market consumption demand as the precise "target", launched a systematic professional training. This activity is sponsored by Construction Management Committee of China Textile City, Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, organized by Creative Industry Service Center of China Textile City, China Textile Information Center, National Textile Product Development Center, China Women's Fabric Fashion Trend Research Institute, and specially supported by China Applied color System Coloro. Nearly 60 people from Keqiao fabric enterprises, such as Zhejiang Shield Textile Co., LTD., Shaoxing Mishun Textile Co., LTD., Zhejiang Furun Textile Co., LTD., Zhejiang Ciyuan Textile Co., LTD., Shaoxing Jujia Textile Co., LTD., Zhejiang Lambeni Textile Technology Co., LTD., etc., participated in the activity.

From planning to marketing: product research and development precision landing

In the report "How to Accurately and effectively carry out color Planning and Development", Gu Chunlin, the marketing director of Coloro, a Chinese applied color system, shared the advanced color management methods, and elaborated on how to use the Chinese national standard system, correctly understand the color and how to research and use the color suitable for the brand. To help enterprises manage color supply chain efficiently and scientifically.

Based on the color datalization and analysis methodology, Lai Zhengliang, an expert in Chinese applied color system Coloro, made a digital interpretation of 2023/24 autumn and winter color trend in the report "Interpretation of 2023/24 autumn and winter color", and looked forward to the international popular colors and five key popular colors in 2023/24 autumn and winter. At the same time, the application method of color is discussed in depth.

In the color effect on the consumer and the consumer behavior of guide to the share of China's application of color system Coloro colour expert Ding Zhou good end for market, and marketing to the target customer groups, from how color affects the consumer sentiment and the color guide consumer behavior on the interpretation of the two Angle, and analyzed the trend of colour to the impact of the market, Help enterprises to master the use of color to touch consumers' emotions, affect consumers' purchase decisions of new marketing methods.

From Trend to advantage: strengthening the innovative thinking of enterprises

"I benefited a lot from the instructor's sharing of techniques for using low-light colors." Shaoxing City crystal far flower design Co., LTD manager Gao Jing expresses, the company sells embroidery fabric, high to matching color requirement, the embroider line of all kinds of colors is matched on the meeting that fabric presents a completely different feeling. This lecture brings many new ideas that are not available in ordinary work, which will be permeated into product design in the future.

"Capturing the latest color trends is a way to design that links product value to market traffic." Gu Nianjiang, department manager of Zhejiang Ciyuan Textile Co., LTD., pointed out that the enterprise's main spring and summer fashion fabrics, attaches great importance to color research and development and application. The 2023/24 autumn and winter color trend shared by the lecturer provides a reference for product color research and development in the new season.

"Today's lecture opened up a new way of thinking about marketing for me. Excellent color collocation can attract people's attention more effectively and stimulate the senses of consumers. We look forward to holding more similar activities to help Keqiao fabric enterprises improve their ability to use color." Shaoxing City Keqiao District Aozhong Textile Co., LTD. General manager Fu Qinming said.

The activity was popular, interactive and warm. Lecturer with color as the core, from color management, popular trend and market demand dimensions such as the depth interpretation, let students quickly absorb color knowledge, to grasp the method of color management and application of science, clear trend of fashion colour, insight into consumer sentiment color, help enterprise development fit fabric product color trends and consumer demand, improve market competitiveness.

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