[Keqiao foreign trade enterprises grasp the nettle to break through!]
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"August is the traditional off-season, but these days the factory has an average of 10 containers delivered to Shanghai Yangshan Port every day, so the off-season is really not weak." Zhao Chunguang, chairman of Shaoxing Chaoling Import and Export Co., LTD., told REPORTERS excitedly THAT the company's main business is cotton, spandex and other fabrics, pay attention to the research and development of high value-added products, follow the quality competition and large-scale export mode, focus on the New York market for many years. Last year, exports reached $50 million, an increase of 150 percent. In the first half of this year, the growth momentum was steady, with exports exceeding US $20 million.

Zhao Chunguang said that in response to the complex international situation, they have been consolidating the foundation and practicing their internal skills. On the one hand, increase R&D efforts to improve the core competitiveness of products; On the other hand, improve the level of management service and increase customer stickiness. The bright report card is also inseparable from government and enterprise forces, in the tax rebate "capital", this year the enterprise has successfully returned more than 12 million yuan. "This is filling up the tank for business, we have to run!" Zhao Chunguang said.

As ONE OF THE LEADING ENTERPRISES OF TEXTILE FOREIGN TRADE IN KeQIAO, SHAOXING KAMING TEXTILE CO., LTD. 's TOTAL sales volume in THE FIRST half OF THIS year REACHED 880 million yuan, a year-on-year growth OF more than 110%. It is reported that "Kaiming Textile" was established in 2006, is a collection design, research and development, production, printing and dyeing, sales in one of the comprehensive textile enterprises. In recent years, while diversifying innovation and research and development of fabric products, the company has made steady layout, successively invested in the establishment of shuttle weaving factories, printing factories, knitting factories, printing and dyeing factories, etc., constantly expanding the whole textile industry chain and enhancing the competitiveness of the international market. "The premium subsidies for export credit insurance have increased year by year, which encourages our foreign traders to go to sea to get orders and relieve them of worries." Luo Haiming, general manager of the company, said.

Steady orders, expand the market. Shaoxing Mulinsen Textile Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in chemical fiber products. More than 90% of its business is foreign trade, and countries along the "Belt and Road" are its main foreign markets. "Winter fabrics sell like hot cakes during this period, with an average of about 20 coming out every day." Huang Yong, chairman of the company, said that although the situation at home and abroad remained tough this year, the company was in good shape, with exports of $110 million in the first half, up 15% year on year.

RCEP policy publicity and interpretation, efficient and convenient tax refund service, "Silk Road Keqiao - Go to Sea for you" exhibition project launched...... In Huang's view, these government measures have helped enterprises to "ride the wind and waves", allowing many foreign trade enterprises to gain a firm foothold in foreign markets and increase their advantages in foreign trade competition.

Keqiao District is constantly strengthening reform, strengthening industry, excellent service, government and enterprise hand in hand, jointly stabilize foreign trade, "Chaoling", "Keming Textile", "Mulinsen" and a large number of high-quality foreign trade enterprises have stood the test. From January to June this year, the import and export of the whole region reached 62.73 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 29.7%, among which the export reached 61.953 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 31.4%, and the growth rate was 18.2, 11.1 and 1.3 percentage points higher than the national, provincial and municipal levels, respectively. The total volume ranked the first in the whole city and reached the highest level in the same period of the previous year.

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