[The first National Eco-Textile Forum was held in Qingdao]
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On July 19, the first National Ecological Textile Forum was organized by the China Textile Industry Federation, the China Textile Engineering Society and the China Printing and Dyeing Industry Association, sponsored by Qingdao University, and organized by the Ecological Textile Provincial Ministry of Ministry. The collaborative innovation center was successfully held. The theme of this forum is the theme of Laisel ecological dyeing to help textile low -carbon and high -quality development. Xia Dongwei, president of Qingdao University, Liu Tao, vice president of Saideli Group, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Fang Zhihua, Chairman of the Chinese Textile Engineering Society, Chen Zhihua, chairman of the China Printing and Dyeing Industry Association, Fang Kuanjun, Director of the Coordination Innovation Center of Ecological Textile Provincial Ministry, Li Xiaoqin, the director of market director of Ledley Group, Manager Fu Zhongcheng, Yueyue Home Textile Co., Ltd., deputy chief engineer Gao Zhichao, and Liu Dianjian, director of the Development Department of Qingdao Group Technology Center, gave a wonderful report. A total of more than 120 representatives from 45 textile printing and dyeing units in the country attended the meeting.

On behalf of Qingdao University, the principal Xia Dongwei extended a warm welcome to all the leaders, corporate representatives and experts of the meeting! Concerning congratulations to the convening of this forum! In his speech, he said that during the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" period, Qingdao University accelerated the high -quality period of high -quality development of "textile+" discipline clusters. Direction to serve the major strategic needs of the country, to solve the key core technologies of the textile industry as a traction, take cluster development and cross -integration as a path, to create a "textile+" academic innovation community for Qingdao University, to build a world -class industry in the textile industry in Shandong Province to promote the textile industry in Shandong Province The cluster makes new and greater contributions.

Vice President Liu Tao of Saideli Group stated in his speech that Saideli Group adheres to the "industrial chain union, partner -style cooperation" model, and has long been committed to promoting the collaborative innovation of the entire industry chain from the fiber source, increasing the added value of the product, and it will be possible Sustainable development is included in the strategic planning of the development of Saideli. In the next step, Saideli Group will continue to deepen the cooperation with the coordinated innovation center of the Provincial Ministry of Ecological Textiles of Qingdao University to provide continuous source innovation vitality for enterprise development.

Director Fu Guangwei made a wonderful report on the title of "the diversification of enterprises and the self -reliance of technology", and proposed to create a diversified textile industry ecosystem, provide a diversified supply chain, strengthen the ability of original innovation and independent innovation, and realize textiles to achieve textiles The high -level technology of the industry is self -reliance.

President Chen Zhihua uses the "Several Thoughts on the" 3060 "goal of the printing and dyeing industry as the theme of the report, and pointed out that on the one hand, it is necessary to keep up with scientific and technological progress, and apply new scientific and technological achievements and feasibility technology to energy conservation and emission reduction; on the other hand, It is necessary to pay attention to management innovation, strengthen energy management, and better complete the "double carbon" goal through the two -wheel drive of "technology+management".

Professor Fang Kuanjun titled "Laiser's Fiber Textile Original Fibrilization Prevention and Control Strategy and Practice", deeply excavated the characteristics of Ledel fabric, pointing out that Laisier fibers have hardened, easy to wear, easy to wear, easy to wear, easy to wear, easy to wear, easy to wear, easy to wear, easy The original fibrosis and easy -to -produce technical difficulties, analyzed and shared the new technologies and new technologies and new technologies to achieve high -quality printing and dyeing processing of Laisle fabric from the perspective of internal mechanism.

Several representatives such as Saidili Group Li Xiaoqin, Saideli Group Fu Zhongcheng, Xueyue Group Gao Zhichao, and Liu Dianbu, such as Liu Dianbu Group, respectively surrounded the "Sail Llelasier Application Sharing", "Lessiel's fiber structure and performance, and in textiles. "Production experience in dyeing", "Laiser Club Salva Dyeing Experience", "Laiser Kidney Dye Dyeing Experience" made a wonderful report, and shared the characteristics of Sellelassor's fiber And dyeing and finishing experience.

Participants participated in the process of processing difficulties and solutions of Leisier's fiber, and the application expansion of Laisel fiber in the field of textiles, Laiser's fiber value improvement strategy and other issues were discussed with enthusiastic discussions with all experts.

This forum has a high level and a wide range of enterprise units. The representatives conducted in -depth exchanges on the topic of "Laisel Ecological Dyeing and Rectifying Textile Low -Carbon and High -quality Development". Industrial reforms are of great significance to promote the high -quality development of the national textile industry in the "double carbon".

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