[The continuous upgrade of digital technology has made the Yuan universe no longer the "air tower"]
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The continuous upgrade of digital technology has made the Yuan universe no longer the "air tower", but gradually integrates into the existing production and lifestyle. Advanced big data, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other technologies are changing the trend of fashion consumption in unprecedented potential energy, and brand marketing has also shifted from focusing on the highlights of products to focusing on consumer needs. Facing the endless marketing concept and new gameplay, the development of smart marketing with "creativity+technology" will become another weapon for brand winning markets.

On July 8th, the "Entering Digital Fashion Yuan Cosmic Series Online Special Topics" was launched again. The Fashion Industry Digital Technology Innovation Alliance joined hands with the expert representatives of the digital solution provider of the textile industry. For the theme, in the context of technological innovation, digital technology has helped industry enterprises deeply dig customer needs in various levels such as concepts, methods, tools, etc. Open the marketing contact and create new value growth points with refined marketing. The content of this special event is rich and highlights, and it has received widespread praise from industry companies. The special live broadcast traffic exceeds 5,500.

The event was guided by the China Textile Information Center and the National Textile Product Development Center, sponsored by the Fashion Industry Digital Technology Innovation Alliance, and hosted by the Chinese Women's Faber Faber Trends Research Institute.

Science and technology empowerment: smart marketing to enhance customers and corporate value

Wang Chen, a senior market manager of the Fashion Intelligent Department of China Textile Information Center, explained the value, experience value, exchange value and exchange value and exchange value and exchange value of smart marketing for fashion enterprises in "Traditional to Digital, Digital Technology Treating New Changes in Enterprise Marketing". Comprehensive improvement of corporate strategic value, operating value, and knowledge value. By analyzing the marketing cases of multiple fashion industry brand, she shared the status quo of various digital technology applications, and analyzed the three dimensions of data, content, and channels to break the time and space restrictions and information gaps with digital technology, and enhance the accuracy and management of marketing. Level, new ideas and methods for improving consumer shopping experience. She pointed out that the participation of consumers in the future will become a new normal for smart marketing, creating a closed loop of marketing data and opening up omni -channel marketing paths will become the key to the improvement of digital technology to enable corporate value.

Virtual tube machine: make creative design extend more possibilities

"The NAO virtual weaving machine system has opened a new era of fabric structureism." Zheng Qi, founder of Shanghai Qingjia Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., in the speech of "Overcoming Fangs, Expressing Personality with Structure" The four major dilemma- "Weaving the bottleneck of weaving, quickly and accurately displayed bottlenecks, lack of artificial intelligence applications, and international status bottlenecks of supply chain", focusing on the infinite plasticity of the NaO virtual weaving machine system, what you see Exceptions such as income, unlimited raw materials, and rapid reactions. He pointed out that the NaO virtual weaving platform is not independent of the traditional textile industry, but is an accelerator that speeds up fabric development. It is a tool that retrieves the right to the fabric design to the designer. Filter.

Digital platform: help the industrial chain operate efficiently

Yu Yuanshang, the product manager of Beijing Xinyu Network Technology Co., Ltd., shared the theme of "New Thoughts of Digital Marketing in the Times". She proposed that with the establishment of the virtual world, there will be more and more online and offline layouts. Virtual releases become the norm. The platform brings convenience to fashion practitioners. Based on this prediction, Xinyu Technology combines high -precision physical simulation engines with digital cloud computing technology to create a digital ecological platform that integrates virtual design, resource management, personnel management, customer management, digital ordering and other functions Relying on the core section of the Cloud Data Center, it brings a new digital solution with both immersive and instant interactive characteristics to the industry.

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