[In the Koqiao Spring Textile Expo, the 2022 Keqiao Fashion Design Exhibition appeared]
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Internationalized booth design, fashionable exhibit display, refined exhibition area classification, personalized boutique display ... June 10-12, the first professional textile fabric exhibition in 2022, Keqiao Spring Textiles During the Expo, the 2022 Keqiao Fashion Design Exhibition appeared. The blessing of new trends, new products, new technologies, and new concepts has once again become the focus of the Shaoxing International Convention and Exhibition Center.

As an important component of Keqiao Fashion Week, the fashion design exhibition has always been one of the weathervanes of fashion trends, advanced technology, international frontier information, and product innovation. This design focuses on the theme of "Weaving Trends · Creating the Future", and carefully created four major exhibition areas of popular trend fabric area, international functional fabric area, innovative technology clothing area, and digital fashion innovation zone. New features, new technologies and design and design tools have brought the latest industry hotspots and industrial development directions for exhibitors and buyers and purchases of the Keqiao Textile Expo.

Trend first: 2023 spring and summer trend wind direction early knows

Undoubtedly, the trend is always the pioneer of product development, which is of great significance for corporate insight, market -looking market, and formulating strategies. The popular trend fabric area established this time has released the popular trend of Chinese women's fabrics in 2023 spring and summer and the popular colors of 2023 spring and summer. The display and release of the research results of the trend will conduct two -way guidance on production and consumption in multiple dimensions such as consumption form, cultural aesthetics, design concepts, and development technology. In advance bringing inspiration for design inspiration and product innovation guidance to enterprises in advance.

More than 800 innovative fabric products displayed in the popular trend release area show the new style of women's fabrics in the new season of the new season of women's fabrics around the core theme of 2023. Pink wax, flowing sand color, porcelain green, lavender purple, lumbar fruit brown, rock blue, digital blue, etc. or soothing warmth, or bright jumping color, conveys the tranquility and freedom of the post -epidemic era The spiritual needs of publicity and the characteristics of the times. It is worth noting that more than 50%of fabrics come from Keqiao Excellent Textile Enterprise. Whether it is creativity, design, color, or materials, technology, and technology, the innovation of Keqiao enterprises in terms of product popularity, fashion, business and other aspects is remarkable.

Function blessing: more than 400 global products colorful gathers

Apply new fabrics for new materials, environmentally friendly fabrics with special processes, and high -end fabrics with a variety of organizational structures ... without going abroad, look at the top global top products. The international functional fabric area gathers the development and innovation of functional fabric development brought by the world -renowned functional textile suppliers, including China, Italy, France, Germany, the United States, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Turkey, Spain and other countries. Essence

The more than 400 products exhibited this time are mainly multi -functional composite fabrics. They not only have rich application scenarios, but also have excellent performance, which can greatly improve the wearing and environmental protection of fabrics. The antibacterial, anti -static, waterproof and humidity, anti -ultraviolet, hygroscopic dryness, mosquito prevention, warmth, elasticity, cooling, skin care, discoloration and other special properties in the consumer market need special performance. In addition, the material of the fabric is also very suitable for the current environmental protection low -carbon and green and harmless trends. Organic cotton, regenerative linen, regenerative nylon, raw liquid color polyester, Youcose Lisser Fiber, SORONA materials such as all kinds of green fibers abound. The concentrated display of boutiques at home and abroad undoubtedly provided excellent learning opportunities and innovative solutions for the majority of textile companies.

Science and technology empowerment: well -known brand clothing new products hidden

The innovation technology clothing area consists of three parts: intelligent technology zone, sports function zone, and comfortable functional area. It specially selected more than 60 "Top Ten Class of Textile Innovation Products" classification display. On the one hand, the exhibition area shows the demonstration brand of my country's textile and apparel industry and its high -end innovation strength. On the other hand, it introduces hardcore innovation achievements into the Keqiao Industrial Cluster to guide enterprises to guide the innovation and creativity of the textile industry design with market demand.

In the "Intelligent Science and Technology Zone", companies such as Mansion Silk, Senma Clothing, Weiqiao Textile, Shenzhen Zhishang, Boyang Clothing and other companies showed the latest smart clothing. This type of product combines intelligent technology, systems, equipment and clothing. Can realize interaction with the human body and monitor the data of personal signs. The "Sports Function Zone" brings together the characteristics of brands such as road visits, Anta, 361 °, and admiration. Consumers' needs for functional composite and sufficient protection under extreme conditions. The "Comfortable Functional Zone" brings together multi -functional innovation products such as Saidi, Zhejiang Kaixiya, Beijing Snow Lotus, and Hexi Bird. This type of product focuses on comfortable performance. Experience.

Smart innovation: numbers make fashion creativity easier

The Digital Fashion Innovation Zone is a highlight area of this design exhibition. From patterns to fabrics, from collar to clothing, from carpet to cultural and creative, a comprehensive and three -dimensional display DPI Space artificial intelligence pattern design platform Application results in various fields such as home textiles.

DPI Space is developed by the China Textile Information Center and the National Textile Product Development Center and the Xiaobing team. It is an artificial intelligence creative platform led by popular trends. The product design exhibited this time is unique and diverse: DPI Space and Golden Ding Awards designer Ms. Zhao Huizhou cooperated to rebuild the Chinese Miao patterns; Demand custom patterns pattern and applied to brand cooperation; cooperated with Dali Silk to produce the world's first artificial intelligence design fashion tie; united Jiangsu Huayi to create a transformation of non -heritage tie; style. Relying on the research results of authoritative trends and advanced AI emotional computer frameworks and GAN generation technology, DPI Space is constantly exploring new models of cooperation with industry enterprises, and gives fashion more possibilities with digital means.

Faced with the development trend of fashion upgrades, digital catalysis and ecological transformation, the rich soil of the 2022 Keqiao fashion design is rooted in the Keqiao industry. It is helping to cultivate product internal skills from more perspectives and more elements to help industry companies cultivate products and enhance Chinese design. The brand image of China ’s intellectual manufacturing has made fashion design an important force for the sustainable change of the textile and clothing industry.

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