[How to push the textile industry to continue to rise to high -end value chains]
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Silk textile is the "root" and "soul" of Shengze Town. How to promote the continuous rise of the textile industry to high -end value chain, accelerate the realization of industrial transformation and upgrading through ecological, intelligent, and digital "curve overtaking". One of the most important issues of high -quality development. Since the beginning of this year, Shengze Town has aimed at the industrial development direction of digital printing, high quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and strong environmental protection. Printing industry benchmark.

This year, Shengze Town comprehensively promoted the extension of the strong chain of the textile industry. With green, technology, and fashion as the development direction, adhere to the path of differentiation, functionalization, intelligence, and technological development. Waiting for each link to start, to do fine and strengthen the textile industry chain, to create a key part of the organizational industry with green environmental protection, complete categories, and advanced craftsmanship.

"Digital printing is an advanced printing and dyeing process, which has the advantages of fast production speed, high efficiency, no need to make version, low cost, high degree of automated production, good printing effect, high printing fineness, and less pollution. One of the best choices for upgrading. "The relevant person in charge of the Economic Development and Reform Bureau of Shengze Town introduced.

Suzhou Fuhui Digital Technology Co., Ltd., located in the southern industrial zone of Shengze Town, is a digital printing enterprise under the Shanxi Yuncheng Edition Group. The company applies existing intelligent digital devices to build an intelligent manufacturing center and promote the intelligent development of the industrial chain. It has now formed a complete quality management system in the development, design, and manufacturing of digital printing projects. A good step -by -step digital printing industry develops "first chess".

Hangzhou Honghua Digital Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development and application of intelligent digital printing technology. It has independently developed advanced systems and equipment such as digital inkjet printing systems, textile digital printing methods and systems, VEGA high -speed digital printing machines It was rated as "National Digital Jet Printing Engineering Technology Research Center". In the early stage, the enterprise negotiated with Wujiang Flower Emperor Printing Products Co., Ltd. in Pingwang Town, and grafted digital printing technology to the development of recycled silk fabric series products. , Silk silk double -sided printed scarf, etc., puts fashionable, green, and personalized concepts into digital transformation practice, and will promote the "green production" of fast -loading, low energy consumption, and non -pollution.

Shengze Town Union Yuncheng Making Group and Honghua Digital Technology Co., Ltd., planned construction, including digital printing industrial parks such as technology research and development centers, design centers, color management centers, and intelligent manufacturing centers to attract automation, software development, color management , Fashion design and other fields of professional talents, build a fully automatic cleaning digital jet technology production line, automated printing processing production line, etc., help Shengze to build a leading domestic digital printing industry demonstration project, and radiate all Wujiang. The park will be committed to promoting the textile industry of Wujiang to accelerate the "intelligent transition", focusing on the intelligent transformation and digital transformation of textile companies, ensuring 100%intelligent investment in new industrial projects, 100%intelligent transformation of technical reform projects, and improving the industrial ecology. Enhance the core competitiveness of the industry and always go at the forefront of the development of the times.

The reporter also learned that Shengze Town comprehensively promoted the organic update of the industry, guided enterprises to accelerate independent updates, enhance the plot ratio of textile companies, provide more resources for the construction of digital printing industrial parks, expand more space, and actively do a good job in the early stage of park construction. Preparation. The town will also increase its efforts to support enterprise application new technologies, new equipment, and new processes for green energy -saving technology transformation, vigorously promote new type of water printing and dyeing technology, and reduce the threshold for the industry access after some environment -friendly types such as digital printing and bronzing composite. Promote the improvement of the industry's technical promotion after coating, composite, bronze, film, etc., formulate a benchmark center after forming areas, create a batch of green intelligent factories, and accelerate the formation of the gathering effect of the park.

Shen Chunrong, member of the Standing Committee of the Wujiang District Party Committee, deputy district chief, and secretary of the party committee of Shengze Town, said that Shengze Town will continue to strengthen communication with Yuncheng Edition and Honghua Digital Technology, accelerate the progress of industrial organic renewal and investment promotion, and build the construction of digital printing industrial parks. Seet space, introduce talent equipment, consolidate the foundation, forging the textile industry chain, and fully draw a brand new blueprint for the optimization of structure optimization, mass quality, green security, and fashion and modern world -class textile industry cluster.

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