[Fancheng carried out training for chemical fiber textile industry chain]
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In order to implement the "Four Charming Actions" as the starting point of the District Party Committee and the District Government, to do the cause of their hearts, we will be careful to implement it, and strive to accelerate the efficient rate of tackling the tackling of the "One Heart Four District", running out of the development of development. Accelerate, strive to strive to be the "high -quality development of the five cities in the city's five cities!" The goal and the Municipal Party Committee "have the first ranking, the comparison and the advanced experience, and the business work experience" requirements. In Action ", the advanced typical, advanced experience, highlight work, etc. of each unit in the four major tackling operations of each unit in the" One Heart and Four Districts "are promoted and promoted.

What should I do if there are disputes such as corporate labor and labor contracts? On April 22, as the Qianxian textile industry contracting unit in Fancheng District, the Organization Department of the Fancheng District Committee, the District Science and Technology Association, and the District Agricultural and Rural Bureau jointly conducted a special training of legal risk risks of labor employment in the Galaxy Cultural and Creative Park. Legal risk and prevention of employment for training.

Chemical fiber textiles have been developed in Fancheng for nearly 50 years. It is a pillar industry with labor -intensive and output value of more than 10 billion yuan, which has an important role in expanding employment and improving people's livelihood.

Among the "Four Championships" in Fancheng District, chemical fiber textiles have become an important part of the industrial chain. The heads of textile companies such as Garden and Dongyin communicated to understand the blockers, difficulties, and pain points of the enterprise, and to be a good "shop primary two".

During the visit, enterprises generally reflect that the industry has a large amount of work and strong personnel, and various labor disputes often occur to restrict the development of enterprises. To this end, the insured unit invites professionals to carry out special training for legal risk of labor employment to help enterprises resolve risks.

At the training site, lawyers made detailed interpretation of the development status of the textile industry, the inventory of legal risk inventory and solution of the textile manufacturing industry, the typical cases of the textile industry in Xiangyang area, and the development prospects of the textile industry. The staff of the Fancheng District Science and Technology Association also interpreted the content of the pilot city construction plan of the "Science and Technology Innovation China" pilot city in Xiangyang City, and encouraged enterprises to actively enter the platform to obtain free science and technology and talent information.

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