[What are the application of PET color master?]
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PET  masterbatch, widely used in beverage bottles (such as various classes: Coke bottles, a bottle of Sprite, a bottle of green tea, etc.), pharmaceutical bottles (white, brown, etc.), cosmetic bottles (vibrators, rubber bottles, perfume bottles, Ice cream cup, etc.). It is a very high quality customer favor. Our polyester color master has very excellent heat resistance, weather resistance and migration. , Bright color, uniform coloring. Good dispersibility and chromatic aberration can meet the requirements of customers' plastic products. We can match the color and confirm the color masterbatch for the customer.

PET  masterbatch imaging to the environmental protection drug packaging bottle-colored masterbatch is the environmental protection and non-toxic bottle suitable for protecting the protection standards of domestic and international environment.

We specialize in producing various colors of  PET  masterbatch, high-end quality and environmentally friendly polyester color masterbatch. We use polyester for new materials and pigments to produce polyester materials for export suitable for spun polyester color masterbatch. Various colors and quasiors.

PET  masterbatch application

Blowing bottle factory, bottle folding factory, cap factory, steel pipe factory, food packaging, beverage straw, cap, plastic tube and pipeline, cable and wire, film, plastic packaging, blow molding, injection molding, extrusion, etc.

Suzhou Baoli Material Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the following color masterbatch, color masterbatch field research and manufacturing: chemical fiber granules, fiber-color masterbatch: polyester color master, polypropylene parent, BCF carpet color parent , Polyester color masterbatch, bronine masterbatch, plastic masterbatch, polyester color masterbatch.

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