[Shanxi Textile Engineering Society Concentrates Jin Textile Strength]
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Shaping new textile spirit with high struggle, the Shanxi Textile Engineering Society is condensed

On March 22, the Sixth Session of the 8th Council of the Shanxi Provincial Textile Engineering Society was successfully held in Taiyuan. More than 30 people, supervisors, and invited experts, and the main venue and video methods. The meeting was hosted by Zhang Junfeng, secretary general of the Shanxi Textile Industry Association.

The meeting reviewed the translation of the Ninth Council of the Shanxi Textile Engineering Society; reviewing the list of candidates such as the Director, Vice President, President, Secretary-General, Supervisors, Supervisors, Advisers, etc.

The Vice President of the Shanxi Textile Industry Association and the Chairman of the Provincial Textile and Engineering Society Du Baozhen made a report on the 8th Council. Guo Changsheng, President of the Shanxi Provincial Textile Industry Association, Vice President of Shanxi Provincial Textile Industry, Zhao Zhijian, President of Shanxi Clothing Association, Vice President of Shanxi Textile Industry Association, Yan Yongheng, Vice Chairman of Shanxi Textile Engineering Society, Shanxi Lu Jianjun, deputy chairman of the Provincial Textile Engineering Society, made an important statement. Yuan defending, Yang Jianqiao, etc. in the Shanxi Provincial Textile Industry Association, Yang Jianqiao, etc.

The meeting requires that the Shanxi Provincial Textile Engineering Society must strictly under the "Regulations on Social Group Registration Management" and the "Shanxi Textile Engineering Society Articles", comply with national laws and regulations, in accordance with the requirements of the Provincial Science and Technology Association and the Provincial Department of the People's Administration, this year 4- March, organized the sessions of the Ninth Council of Shanxi Textile Engineering Society.

On the meeting, the Shanxi Provincial Textile Engineering Society should be based on Xi Jinping's new era of Chinese characteristics, strengthen party building, strengthen the history of party history, national history, textile entrepreneurial history, and the history of the history of success, find economic changes, find development opportunities, unity The majority of members, strive to complete the work of the Society; use the School of Textile Engineering, Taiyuan University of Science and Technology, etc., actively carry out academic research, application technology promotion, key discipline laboratories and research institutes, professional talents training, Expert scoop construction and other work; under the leadership of the Society of Service Station, under the leadership of China Textile Industry Association and Shanxi Science and Technology Association, we will promote technology and economic integration, brand scientific and technological innovation, create aircraft carrier Service platform, multi-field, multi-standpoint, multi-region solidly serve company technology work service; with "Jin Te" public platform as media, textile stories, consolidate textile culture positions, create Shanxi textile spirit, promote new era Style, promote the positive energy of the righteousness, meet the party's 20th National Congress with high struggle attitude!

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