[How to make the fabric form a self-competitiveness?]
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Patterns have always been the most competitive core elements in the textile industry chain, how to make the fabric pattern become their own core competitiveness? Suzhou Shi Textile Co., Ltd., located in Shengze Dong Textile City, gives his answer.

Since its establishment in 2016, the company has successfully applied for more than 150 fabric pronunciation copyright, which has become a strong backing of high-quality development of the enterprise.

Enter Suzhou World Textile Co., Ltd., in addition to the various colors, you will be attracted by the certificate of the entire two-walled wall, these are all copyright copyright certificates.

Talking about these certificates, the general manager of the World Textile is very proud. He said: "Behind every certificate is condensed with the wisdom, inspiration and sweat of our R & D team." Shiyu textile mainly produces polyester home textile fabric, With a special pattern for selling points, the application of fabrics is the most powerful protection for their creation.

Can I apply for copyright? The answer is negative, but the copyright will provide legal basis for the rights protection of the company.

During the operation, the world's textile has encountered a copy of other companies many times. According to Lei Guixiang, the company successfully solved a infringement in the company's successful approach. "In the floral shape we sell, they directly copy, and later we discovered, the first time we mediate, but they continue to copy, after the second discovery, we firmly take the legal way, and finally The court sentenced the other party to the intrusion item and lost 100,000 yuan for the world. "

The Shiyu Textile is just the epitome of copyright work in Shengze Dong Textile City. In recent years, as a copyright demonstration park of Jiangsu Province, Shengze Dong Textile City has established a sound copyright management system, and it is determined that the special work is responsible for copyright work, and the copyright training, copyright awareness is increased year by year. "Because we have stationed in business, we have promoted our copyright application through daily activities, such as docking meetings, exhibitions, including the static exhibition set in our field, and enhance their maintenance of intellectual property." Shengze Dong Textile City Workstation related staff said.

At present, there are more than 780 enterprises in Dongming City, with a number of national, provincial and municipal copyright demonstration units, including Taihu Snow 2016, I received the Jiangsu Provincial copyright demonstration unit, Sang Shang 2018 received Suzhou copyright demonstration unit project project, For Jiji 2018, the Jiangsu Province copyright demonstration unit was collected, and 2020 was awarded the national copyright demonstration unit. As of November 2021, the new excavation of the Shengze Dong Textile City copyright workstation has about 16 copyright applications, and the total number of applications is 4248. It is worth paying attention. The last time, Taihu Snow, and the Huajia Silk are the 2021 excellent copyright work industry. Transformation key cultivation project.

The relevant staff said that next, the Shengze Dong Textile City copyright workstation will further improve the copyright system, higher quality service merchants. "It is not convenient to contact some of the business, next year, we will consider the home door to publicize copyright knowledge, inform the company's specific application process and mode of operation, and if some companies are not easy, we will also provide applications. Business. "

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