[What are the specific applications of nylon masterbatch?]
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What is the advantages of nylon masterbatch?

The product range of the product is mainly suitable for different spinning process requirements, such as filament spinning equipment and process requirements from Poy, FDY; also used for PA high-strength industrial wire; short fiber equipment produces various color short fibers Or silk beam flocking.

Chase (polyamide fiber) polyamide is commonly known as nylon, PA series can be actively enterprising and continuously innovative for performance requirements for different colors, monofilament, cross-sectional shape, temperature, light resistance, etc. Cost-effective products and perfect after-sales service

The application areas include textile industry, fiber parent-parent plant, dye factories, chemical fiber, etc ...

Introduction to the application of  nylon masterbatchs

 Nylon masterbatch is widely color, the chromatography is complete, black, white, fluorescent whitening and variety of colors can be made according to different requirements of customers.

Suitable for different spinning process requirements, both for POY, FDY and other filament spinning equipment and process requirements, PA high-strength industrial wire spinning requirements, can also be used for short fiber equipment to produce short fibers or silk beam plants of various colors velvet.

The specific application of the  nylon masterbatchinvolves outdoor sunshine-resistant fiber, flocking, high-grade interiors carpet products and non-ferrous industrial network cables, also for packaging belts such as troops.

Bottary masterbatch method

It is suggested that the color masterbatch was dried at 120 ° C for 8 hours, and the spinning was performed by mixing with a particle injection or mixed with a slice.

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