[Suzhou, a printing and dyeing company is not rectified due to exhaust gas collection]
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Since the province's second ecological environmental protection inspectoric group, since the Inspect Suite, the inspectors set up a special duty telephone, a postal mailbox, 8 pm to 8 pm, accepted an incoming call for Suzhou's ecological environmental protection. Do a good job in rectification to ensure the inspectors.

In response to the problem of assigning, the various departments of all parts of Suzhou have implemented subject responsibility, through field verification, on-site law enforcement, limited time supervision, etc., high standards, strict requirements to complete all kinds of delivery, and ensure that they are changed, and they have changed.

On the 10th, the Wujiang District Government received the sixth batch of letters of letters exchanged by the Provincial Environmental Protection Inspection Team. There are people reflected that the pungent exhaust gas in Suzhou Times Textile Dyeing Co., Ltd., Yonghe New Village, Shengze Town, Wujiang District. The Wujiang District government attached great importance to it immediately asked the Shengze Town Government to arrange a special person to rush to the scene.

The "Suzhou Times Textile Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd." is a real name to Suzhou Kebo Printing Co., Ltd., located 719 Shengze Avenue, Shengze Town, Wujiang District, mainly engaged in textile printing and dyeing, and the project has exhaust gas production in the design of the design.

It is understood that the west side of the company is close to the Yonghe Village residential area. Although the company has installed the exhaust gas treatment facilities, due to the rigorous management and maintenance of the equipment, the equipment has declined, part Organic exhaust gas, particulate matter spread, and the workshop is close to the residential area, or there is a certain odor effect.

At the same time, the inspection also discovered that the exhaust gas of the No. 5, the tail section of the northern-type workshop 5, and the exhaust pipe of the exhaust gas treatment device in the northern fixed workshop has leakage phenomena. Affect the cooling effect.

After confirming, Shengze Town attaches great importance to the problems reflected by the masses, ordered the company to immediately discontinue and rectify, and investigate the illegal acts of the inspection, and urge the company to stand up and change, and quickly carry out rectification work, and ensure normal operation of the exhaust gas governance facilities. , Exhaust gas collection is in place, reaches the standard emissions, and reduces the impact on the surrounding people.

Suzhou Kebo Printing Co., Ltd. has rapidly implemented rectification requirements. As of 12th, the company increased the power of the stereotype exhaust gas to collect fan power, improved exhaust gas collection efficiency; repair the air leakage of the northern custom workshop exhaust gas, leaking.

At the same time, in order to further reduce the concentration of exhaust gas emissions, the company decided to increase a set of water spray facilities on the end of the end of the Northern Table Workshop Exhaust gas treatment device before the end of the year, further increase the exhaust gas treatment rate. On the 22nd, the new water sprinkler facilities have been put into operation.

The next step in Shengze will urge the enterprises to speed up the rectification, ensuring that the company's rectification work is implemented, and the exhaust emissions are fully monitored. The law enforcement department will continue to track the effectiveness of the company's exhaust governance. Once illegal, it will seriously investigate and punish, firmly grasp the opportunity of the provincial ecological environmental inspector, and effectively solve a group of ecological environmental fields.

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