[Domestic polyester filament market is as good as the overall trend]
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According to the price monitoring of the business community, the overall trend of the domestic polyester filament market last week (November 22-26), and the end of the tail stop rebounded. As of now, Jiangsu, Zhejiang region mainstream plant polyester Poy (150D / 48F) quotation is at 7450-7650 yuan / ton, polyester DTY (150D / 48F low bomb) quoted at 8900-9300 yuan / ton, polyester FDY (150D / 96F) quote at 7650 -7850 yuan / ton.

It is reported that on November 25th, many mainstream polyester manufacturers in China have reached a consensus. On the basis of current production, it is 20% of the production, and it has been implemented in the past two days, and the market conditions or increased production capacity to 25%. Current polyester The operating rate of the industry is around 83%.

The crude oil "broken cliff" fell, South Africa new variant virus triggered market huge waves, and the petroleum plummeted 13% created the biggest drop since April last year. As of last Friday, the New York Commodity Exchange Sinaz Sidewise Crude Oil (WTI) futures price sharply 10.24 US dollars, a decrease of 13.1%, and reported $ 68.1 / barrel. The London Intercontinental Exchange Brent crude oil (ICE) futures prices have fallen $ 9.5, a decline in 11.6%, and reported $ 72.72 / barrel.

Last week, the domestic PTA market has risen, and the week is 0.25%, up 43.02% year-on-year, and fell 7 weeks. Yi Sheng Petrochemical, Yinsheng New Materials announced November PTA (tentative) settlement price 4920 yuan / ton; Hengli Petrochemical November PTA settlement price 4959.95 yuan / ton. The PTA device is restarted and repaired, and the current PTA industry is operating near 82%. The current market supply is sufficient. As the downstream polyester plant reduces the output, the demand is expected to fall.

With the weakness of the raw materials, the customer's intention is not high, and the atmosphere of the overall market is light in order to buy. Spinning companies are mainly consuming inventory, and the wait and see is increased. The domestic market order continues to be turned off, and the foreign trade new order is not smooth, the factory shipments are slow, the mentality tends to be cautious, and the construction rate of Jiangsu Zheng is nearly 67%.

Analyst analysts believe that the mainstream polyester factory plans to reduce production, overhaul, supply to reduce polyester filament plant inventory pressure will be relieved, so prices are well supported. However, the reduction in production remains to be implemented, and the terminal demand does not appear substantial improvement, superimposed crude oil falls into the collapse, and it is expected that the price of polyester filament is expected to show narrowly weak trend.

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