[Intelligent textile technological innovation, power industry transformation upgrade]
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On November 15th, the 21st Fujian Science and Technology Association Annual Meeting and Intelligent Textile Science and Technology Innovation High-end Forum was held in the Dawn Vocational University. This forum was hosted by Fujian Science and Technology Association, China Textile Engineering Society, Quanzhou Municipal People's Government, Fujian Textile Engineering Society, Dawn Vocational University, Quanzhou Science and Technology Association, Shishi Sinoo-Textile Clothing and Accessories Industry Research Institute, Quanzhou Textile and Apparel Chamber of Commerce, Quanzhou Textile and Clothing Association, Quanzhou Haitian Material Technology Technology Co., Ltd., Fujian Changyuan Textile Co., Ltd. The leaders of the relevant departments, experts, entrepreneurs, and representatives of teachers and students of the Dawn Vocational University attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by the executive vice president of the China Textile Clothing and Accessories Industry Research Institute.

This meeting invited the development countermeasures of the textile industry under the prevention and control situation of the Experts, explores the contradiction between textile machinery and equipment updates and high-efficiency operations, intelligent dyeing equipment upgrades, and structural energy conservation and emission reduction. Accelerate the advancement of our province's textile industry, enterprise automation, and help to promote the development of the textile and apparel industry to intelligence and informatization.

At the meeting, the issuance ceremony of the Quanzhou Municipal People's Government Economic Consultants and the Unveiling Ceremony of the Industrial Chain School Enterprise Alliance. Wang Qi Ming, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Dawn Vocational University and the Director of the Fujian Provincial Textile Engineering Association, unveiled the "Fujian Shoes Universiade" and the Alliance ", the school-enterprise alliance aims to promote regional enterprises and Chinese high-priors in the whole industry chain. "Grand Platform +" social service model based on enterprises in the college industry chain school, build a provincial collaborative innovation center with "large platform +" model.

The conference has also conducted a number of invited reports, Zhu Mengfang, Zhao Qiang, Zhu Xianmin, Bao Jinsong, Wang Qingquan, Wei Shuitao, Liao Yaozu and other industry experts with "functional fiber, the future" "Several new bio-based fibers" and applications " "The Intelligent Manufacturing Development of my country's Textile Industry" "Industrial Internet Employment Textile Low Carbon Manufacturing" "Lixin Dyeing" Print Dyeing Intelligent "Solution" "Innovative Drive Times" "Building Strategies of Multi-function Wearable Electronic Fabrics" is Total report.

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