[What is the characteristic of PET color master?]
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From the global market to see the development of my country, many color mother experts have shown optimistic attitudes for the development of European master. PET color masterbatch also indicates that the development of the color master market is strong. The US family has soared to residential and automobiles, driving the development of real estate and automotive industries, thereby increasing the demand for color master. All kinds of construction coatings show the signs of recovery.

The color masterbatch is mainly mixed by a colorant, a dispersing agent, a surfactant, and the like, and the functional color masterbatch also adds auxiliary to the average stabilizer, an antistatic agent, and the like. The sexual color master is warmly welcomed by people. Among them, PET color masterbatchs appear in front of their high-intensity flame retardant function, and modern people's fire prevention is getting stronger, people are increasingly burning. Favorite, PET color masterbatch is a colorful, non-combustible color master, mixed into a certain amount of anti-ignition preparation on the basis of ordinary masterbatch.

The advantages of color masterbatch are more advantages, which maintain the chemical stability and color of the pigment; it has good dispersibility in plastics; the health of the construction personnel can be guaranteed, the production process is simple and rapid, environmentally friendly No pollution; reduce cost, save resources, mainly in terms of fiber, clothing, plastic coloring, etc.

Because the pigment directly contacts the air during storage and use, it will take a moisture, oxidation, and group, and use a color point in the surface of the plastic product, the color phase is dark, and the color is easily faded. Dust flying, affecting the health of the operator. The color masterbatch is mechanically processed during the production process, and the pigment is refined, the pigment and the resin carrier, the dispersant are fully mixed, and the color mother particles isolate the pigment to the air, thereby enhancing the weather resistance of the pigment. Sex, improve the dispersibility of the pigment and the coloring force, and the color phase is bright. Since the color masterbatch is similar to the shape of the resin particles, it is more convenient and accurate, and the mix is not adhered to the container when measuring, so that the time of cleaning the container and the machine and the raw materials used in the cleaning machine are saved. The flame retardant effect of PET color masterbatch is favored by people, and this kind of masterbatch should be applied to a wider industry, and more people will benefit more.

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