[PET color masterbatch use of raw materials description!]
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PET Color Parent Application Profile:

PET masterbatch products have a wide color, chromatography, black, miscarriage, fluorescence and white and variety of colors, can be formulated according to different requirements of customers. The product range mainly includes: PET filament masterbatch and staple fiber particles.

There are two main types of raw materials used in PET masterbatchs: colorants and carriers. Some masterbills also need to add auxiliary depending on the colorant and carrier used. Usually, if the colorant is selected or inorganic pigments, the vector is selected from the low melting polymer, generally need to add a suitable auxiliary. If the colorant is selected from the polyester soluble dam, the carrier is also a polyester itself, and will generally do not need to add any aid. The former situation and the general plastic masterbatch are similar, but the requirements of the indicators are higher, and they are no longer repeated. If a high-grade PET masterbatch, such as a filament level PET masterbatch, generally considers a polyester soluble dye, which is preferably a carrier in a polyester itself.

 Suzhou Baoli Material Technology Co., Ltd. is founded in May 1995. We focus on 20 years, from the beginning of its establishment, to produce polyester (PET) and nylon (PA) chemical fibrin and functional masterbatch as dominant, currently It has been developed to become a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production and marketing.

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