[Textile and apparel industry development pain point crack and corporate synergistic strategy forum held and successfully closed]
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On the afternoon of October 8, the new situation of textile and apparel industry development pain and corporate synergistic strategy forum and textile and clothing eco circle were held in Shanghai Green Slim Hotel and successfully closed.

This forum is hosted by the Shanghai Garment Industry Association, Textile and Apparel Ecotropic, Shanghai Joint Electronic Commerce Research Institute, Textile and Apparel Ecotrial Circle, Shanghai Liangxiang Brand Management Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yuxiang Information Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Chengdu Yunxiao Technology Co., Ltd., global textile network, come to Tunnean photography, online textile city, China Textiles, Haixi Branch, Haixi Textile New Materials Technology, Jinjiang Research Institute Joint Co-organizer.

China Clothing Association consultant, former executive vice president Jiang Hengjie, China Clothing Designer Association's full-time vice chairman, Secretary-General, Secretary General of Shanghai Garment Industry Association, Shen Qun, Zhizheng Legal Group CMO Wang Xiaohua and many industrial coffee, nearly 100 companies Participate in this forum.

This forum was presided over by the Executive Director of Shanghai Joint Electronic Commerce Research Institute, and Yang Tao, Professor Donghua University.

In the founder of the leader of the leader, the founder of the textile and clothing ecotroph, the expertise of the Senior Shoes industry brand management expert Cheng Weixiong "the issue and countermeasures faced around the new situation" and countermeasures ". He mentioned that in 2020, it was the beginning of the textile and apparel industry. In 2021, it should be a year in the year. Under the impact of the epidemic, market demand is inverting corporate change, and it is necessary to make "innocence" that cater to consumers' needs. In the past two years, people are happy to buy domestic products, use domestic goods, sunbound goods, and enterprises are also passionate, but alone in the national tide ip is just a business behavior, only to solve the surface problem, the company needs to have a sense of mission, the brand must have faith, "National Too" can really fire.

Zhang Yuxiang, Chairman of Antarctic E-commerce shared "Antarctic E-Commerce's D2C Mode Bring Value Exclusive Interpretation", the innovative business model of Antarctic e-commerce, is not simple to provide brand authorization, but from the production to sales Set of complete industrial chain integrated services, including brand license, supply chain service, trademark management, big data marketing, etc.

Zou Zhu, director of clothing industry market in the intellectual property division of the discussion, surrounded the "Issues and Solution of IP Protection in Textile and Apparel Industry". She said that the status quo of intellectual property brand protection in the apparel industry is a wide infringement, the facts of infringement, high rights protection costs, and long-term rights cycle. The infringement is 69%, and the line accounts for 31%. In response to the current situation, Zou Zhiyu introduced the discretion of the intellectual property brand protection program for apparel industry, product services included e-commerce litigation, civil lawsuit, administrative strike, criminal blow. At the same time, there is a confused process, one-on-one tracking, and shorten the case cycle.

Guangzhou's simple software technology founder, senior shoes service supply chain expert, Shein supply chain consultant Liu Mingguang delivered a speech on "Decryption of Qualification of 100 billion cross-border e-commerce SHEIN operation". Simply mission is to build a digital information platform for garment supply chain management to help the supply chain level of clothing enterprises. Liu Mingguang said that supply chain management must be "heavy", this weight is not only funds and physical, but refers to "intention".

Zi Jie, founder of Shanghai Yuxiang Information Technology Co., Ltd., shared "Growth Rules from Pingji to Take Operational Operation". He mentioned that private domains have become the brand growth must be selected in the current retail environment, private + public blending The hybrid flow is being reshaped to retail new economic model, which is an additional item.氪 is a retail technology company specializing in consumer marketing all platform full ecological services, gradually marketing technology companies, growing into smart retail technology companies.

President of Peer China CEO said in the "Resolution of Peak Brand Synergy", and the peak is a sports technology company, and the scientific innovation direction originates from the needs and pain points of the user. It is reported that the peak "s" adaptive intelligent running shoes are moving with the smart running shoes, which is very popular with what they want. At the same time, when the "state" is hot, the peak will launch the submerged slippers, which also quickly seizes the market with super high cost performance and superior value.

The founder of the Magic Box Clothing Co., Ltd., the founder of the buyer and the buyer model, the founder of the founder, "Complete Fast Anti-New Situation Brand Enterprise Commodity Equipment Strategy". "The essence of" fast and counter is precise shooting, allowing them to combine through the data system module. "Wang Shi said that the best-selling design is managed by science and technology. A good design is the result of plagiarism, because the essence of plagiarism is the replication of life behavior is also a deep insight into social life, and a brand design and retail operation system cannot be separated from the essence of life and art.

Zhou Shaoxiong, Chairman of Fujian Qi Wolf Industrial Co., Ltd. shared the "Thinking on the Operation of Brand Enterprises under the New Situation". Seven wolf men's clothing is a pioneering brand in the Chinese men's clothing. In 2000, plaid taque was launched, and became the "king of the king" in the north and south of the Yangtze River. Zhou Shaoxiong mentioned, attitude, quality, leading is a seven wolves' corporate strategy and vision, seven wolves focusing on core categories, will return to the 克, plans to use 克 as vectors, deliver China's attitude, deliver sustainable development concept, pass natural harmony, and promote wolf Struggling culture.

Vice President, Vice President, Chengdu Yunxiao Technology Co., Ltd. with the "Visualization and Data Analysis Application Support Store" as the entry point, introduced you to the transportation of cloud staring for 1000+ retail well-known brands, through digitization, intelligence, systematic The means, further connecting the unique path of brand stores and consumption.

The Round Table Conference Assembly is executed by the Executive Director of Shanghai Joint Electronic Commerce Research Institute, and Yang Tao, Professor Donghua University. The guests participating in the round table have: Wang Jiajia, Vice President of the Haixi Branch of China Textile Science Research Institute, Zhu Huazawa, Director of the Association of the Division of the Director of Intellectual Property Division , Jiangxi Aiuxu Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. Lai Gui Can, Jiangsu Jiji Textile Technology Co., Ltd. Briefry, Old Zhang, Shenzhen Daxi Jiujun Industrial Co., Ltd. Li Tihua, all experts surround the development of pain points and enterprises in the development of textile and apparel industries in the new situation The strategy is discussed in depth, and further answers to the topics concerned.

The Textile Apparel Ecological Circle, held in the previous day of Chic2021 (Autumn), has been continuously held in the industry. It has established a better popularity in the industry; after the participating guests from all over the country, they have expressed their new situation in the current epidemic. The textile and apparel industry is facing a lot, and the transformation and upgrade is the topic of the enterprise development. In the confused, anxious crossroads seek development pain points and perseverance, in this forum, founder through industry experts and brand companies Analysis of the number of cases such as Antarctic e-commerce, Shein, Peak, Seven Wolf, Zara, etc., allowing the site to get a great inspiration. From South Korea Jiang Rong, Taiwan Lin Qi, Zhejiang Wang Zhiming, Shanghai Xie Guixiang, Jiangsu Metro, Xu Aidong and other entrepreneurs expressed their expectation to continue to participate, the founder of the textile and clothing ecotropic, general manager of Shanghai Liangxing Brand Management Co., Ltd. Cheng Wei Xiong finally said, "Boao Forum" in the local shoes and clothing industry.

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