[Why use PA color masterbatch?]
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Why use PA color masterbatch?

Use the PA color masterbatch with the following advantages:

  1. Make the pigment better dispersibility in the article:

  The  PA color masterbatch is a aggregate obtained by uniformizing the superoming pigment to the resin.

The pigment must be refined during the production process to improve the dispersibility and coloration of the pigment. The carrier of the special colored mother is the same as the plastic variety of the article, with good matching, and the pigment particles can be well dispersed in the article plastics after heating melt.

  2. Conducive to maintain the chemical stability of the pigment:

  If the pigment is used directly, since the pigment is directly in contact with the air during storage and use, the pigment will occur, and after the color mother, since the resin carrier isolates the pigment and air, the quality of the pigment can be long. Change.

  3. Ensure the stability of the color of the product:

The color mother particles are similar to the resin particles, more convenient and accurate in the measurement, mixing from the container when mixed, and mixing with the resin is also more uniform, so that the amount of addition of the addition amount is guaranteed to ensure the stability of the product color.

  4. Protect the health of the operator:

  The pigment is generally powdered, and it is easy to fly when it is added and mixed, and will affect the health of the operator after being inhaled by human body.

  5. Keep the environment clean, not stained with contaminai:

  6. Simple step, easy to change, save time and raw materials:

  Since the pigment directly contacts the air during storage and use, it will take a moisture-resistant, oxidation, and group, and directly use a color point in the surface of the plastic product, the color phase is dark, and the color is easily faded, and it is caused during mixing. Dust flying, affecting the health of the operator. The color masterbatch is mechanically processed during the production process, and the pigment is subjected to the pigment, and the pigment and resin carrier, the dispersant is fully mixed, so that the pigment is isolated from the air, thereby enhancing the weather resistance of the pigment, improved The dispersibility of the pigment and the color strength, the color phase is bright. Since the color masterbatch is similar to the shape of the resin particles, it is more convenient to accurately, it is not adhered to the container when measuring, so that the time of cleaning the container and the machine and the raw materials used in the cleaning machine are saved.

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