[The epidemic causes orders to return to Zhejiang "Textile"]
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According to the latest "China Keqiao Textile Index" (hereinafter referred to as: "Index") of China Textile City Construction Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as "Index") %. Among them, Keqiao Textile has grown faster to ASEAN exports.

The Keqiao District is located "Asia's largest cloth distribution center" China Textile City, nearly one-quarter textile in the world, trading in this trading, textiles exported to 192 countries and regions.

"Index" analysis is affected by the global new crown epidemic, some India and ASEAN orders have been reflux this year, and China's export growth trend is expected to continue until the third quarter or this year.

From the July of the July, the curtains of the curtains, the outer trade prospects of the curtain account rose by 22.91%, and the outer trade of the knitting hooks rose by 27.92%, and the exports of foreign trade prosperity index rose.

"Index" mentioned, the epidemic allows consumers more attention to home environment and accelerate the transformation of consumption habits. In July of this year, European and American markets have a strong demand for Keqiao home products, and Keqiao Textile maintains rapid growth in exports such as Latin America, ASEAN and North America.

"ASEAN is an important market in Keqiao Textile foreign trade. Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia is the destination of Keqiao Textile 'walking". "Shaoxing Keqiao Textile City Overseas Market Promotion Conference Executive President and Vietnam Branch Zeng Xin Fu said when visited.

Zeng Xinfu went deep into foreign trade for many years, in his opinion, "The textile market in ASEAN countries is broad, I am very optimistic about China's textile industry cooperation with ASEAN countries."

On the other hand, the relevant person in charge of China Textile City Construction Management Committee believes that behind the growth of export data, the pilot of China's Textile City market procurement trade has opened a new channel for the opening of the foreign trade market.

In less than 8 months, Keqiao Textile Enterprises exports $ 1 billion through market procurement trade. In addition to guiding enterprises to purchase trade, cross-border e-commerce, live broadcast and other new forms, Keqiao District Government also implemented a small micro enterprise export credit insurance "government warranty" policy, giving enterprises to lay "strong needle" in foreign trade.

"Index" predicts that in September, the textile industry in Keqiao District is generally presenting a small rise in a small increase. Among them, China's textile city traditional market, innovative product marketing will show a small promotion, and autumn and winter varieties will undertake local small increase, or will pull the September Totel Index.

Wang Mingyuan pointed out that the research institute must be a "strongest engine" of science and technology, adhere to strong chain, corporate demand, local incubation orientation, deep cultivation of new materials, new technology research and development, service Jinjiang industrial innovation upgrades. The majority of enterprises should be a "powerful army" of scientific and technological innovation, pay more attention to science and technology empowerment, talent, industrial collaboration, borrowing force, use good innovation resources, improve scientific and technological content and production benefits, and enhance industrial core competitiveness. He requested that the government department should be a "best waiter", a good platform, with good policies, and fully provide better services, and create a good environment for innovative elements.

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