[The advantages of polyester color masterbatch are so many!]
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Meaning of polyester color masterbatch

  First of all, we must know the meaning of color masterbatch: a plastic colorant with a high proportion of pigment or additive and a thermoplastic resin, which has a good wetting and dispersion of the toner, and is colored. The material has good compatibility. That is: the pigment + vector + additive = color masterbatch.

   The polyester color master is mixed with a polyester resin as a main body, then mixed with a pigment of carbon black or other colors, resulting in small particles for dyeing for other plastic products.

Polyester color masterbatch has a wide color, chromatography, black, matte whitening, fluorescence whitening and variety of colors, can be formulated according to different requirements of customers. The product range mainly includes: PET filament masterbatch and staple fiber particles.

Polyester color master is suitable for different spinning process requirements, such as filament spinning equipment such as UDY, POY, FDY; also used for polyester high-strength industrial wire; Dongyang spinning equipment and other short fiber production equipment produces a variety of color short Fibers are also suitable for other quality requirements for fiber production.

Polyester color masterbills reduce customer use cost by selecting a reasonable formulation process, and increased use value.

Polyester color masterbatch specific application products involve outdoor sunshine quality fiber, sewing thread, embroidery line, car interior carpet products and ordinary civilian fibers.

The company also provides chromosome, which is suitable for green and blue, etc. for troops.

It is suggested that the color masterbatch was dried at 120 ° C for more than 8 hours, and spun was mixed by a masterbatch injection or mixed with a slice.

The products are double-layer packaging, the inner layer is a waterproof and moisture-proof polyethylene film bag, and the outer layer is a paper-plastic composite bag. Please be stored in a ventilated, dry place, the lower mat, avoid sun, rain, masterbatch colors, it is 5 years.

Suzhou Baoli Material Technology Co., Ltd. founded in May 1995, we focus on 20 years, from the establishment of the production of polyester (PET) and nylon (PA) chemical fibrin and functional masterbatch as dominant, currently It has been developed to become a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production and marketing.

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