[Chaonan Textile Printing and Dyeing Environmental Protection Center: Injecting new energy into practice river basin]
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The Chaonan Textile Printing and Dyeing Environmental Protection Center is located in Juna Town, Jingdu Town, with a planned land area of about 3,750 mu, using PPP mode construction, with a total investment of 4.326 billion. Project construction includes sewage treatment plants, thermoelectronics, water-water projects, row-sea engineering, general purpose buildings, self-construction plants, etc. In January 2020, it was rated as a third-party garden in the park by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ecological Environment Department. In January 2021, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology is called "Guangdong Province Circularization Reconstruction Point Park"; July 2021 was carried out by China The Printing and Dyeing Industry Association was rated as a demonstration base of China Textile Industry Circular Economic Industry Park.

As seen in Shantou Guangxin Weaving Industrial Co., Ltd., it is seen that the new dyeing tube is arranged neatly, the top steam pipe, hot water pipe and other pipes have been connected to the park, a machine roaring, workers are busy operation, and the scene is hot.

According to relevant person in charge, their company was established in the two-British town in 1992 and has been engaged in the nesting industry. In recent years, they actively respond to the government's call, investment and upgrading equipment, relocation into the park, under the promotion of the party committees and district printing and dyeing associations at all levels, and gain a lot after entering the park.

Shantou Guangxin Weaving Industrial Co., Ltd. Manager Qiu Yuqiong:

Our Guangxin Company was originally in the Longling Industrial Zone, two Ying Town, Chalona, through this government to concentrate on rectification and entered the park. In 2018, we passed the government through the government. By 2020, our factory building was completed. In April 2020, we entered the parking stage of the park, and the old equipment was eliminated, and the domestic well-known brand production equipment was purchased, and the energy consumption was greatly reduced by energy-saving transformation. , Reaching 50%, can also be greatly improved in the production capacity of output value. Compared with some of our original two-year-old factory, it is now more environmentally friendly and energy saving.

It is understood that there are many companies like Shantou Guangxin Weaving Industrial Co., Ltd. in the district textile printing and dyeing environmental protection comprehensive treatment centers. Since its establishment in December 2019, the current park has been in printing and dyeing enterprises, with 102 production conditions (currently producing 97 production), and 102 have completed EIA approval procedures (97 have been applied to sewage licenses 2 EIA documents have entered the approval process.

Li Guojun, a Manager of the CITIC Environment (Shantou) Printing and Dyeing Environmental Protection Integrated Development Co., Ltd.

The Textile Printing and Dyeing Environmental Protection Center of Chaonan District is an investment in CITIC (Shantou) Printing and Dyeing Environmental Protection Development Co., Ltd., which is based on "green, innovation, sunshine, sharing" as a position, through the construction of textile printing, water supply, sewage treatment, Recycled water utilization, thermal cogeneration, solid waste treatment and resource "six-in-one" circular economic industry chain, a way out for the Hui Nan textile printing and dyeing industry in the new environmental protection situation, providing a national printing and dyeing industrial park construction and upgrade Development template.

At present, the industrial sewage treatment plant in the printing and dyeing park reaches 155,000 tons / day, and the combination process of "hydrolyzing acidification treatment + A2 / O biological + MBR film treatment" is currently about 60,000 tons. The thermoelectric floor project mainly constructs 970 tons / hour high temperature ultra-high pressure circulating fluidized bed boiler and 100,000 kW back pressure steam turbine generator sets. At present, there are about 7,000 tons of steam, and there is about 600,000 degrees of Internet energy.

All sewage of printing and dyeing centers are discharged from the sewage pipe network to the sewage treatment plant for unified treatment, and the water quality of the wastewater is in line with the national and provincial discharge standards. The flue gas emission of the thermoelectric network is in line with the national and provincial emissions standards. At the same time, the sewage sewage exit of the sewage plant, the exhaust gas discharge port of the thermoelectric network has implemented the relevant requirements of standardization settings, and is supported online monitoring equipment and networks with the environmental protection department.

Next, the District Printing and Dyeing Park will concentrate on the power to make up the chain of strong link, focus on "printing and dyeing, chemical" industries, combined small and medium-sized, connected upstream, put weavings, spinning, clothing, printing dyeing addresses, etc. The center is surrounded by the industrial chain, forming an industrial chain closed loop; planning construction enterprise service center, building an innovative service platform, encouraging the company to carry out technological innovation, build automation production workshop, promote the industry from manufacturing to the intelligence, product to the value chain high-end development, Be a strong industry chain; accelerate the industrial settlement of fine chemicals, warehousing logistics, textile machinery manufacturing, extend the industrial chain, build the Chalonan Printing Center into the development of the whole industry chain, the combination of production and sales, production and sales integrated industrial agglomeration group.

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