[Focus on the collision of research fabrics and technology innovation]
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"Sustainable Development" has now become the mainstream consumption concept of textile fashion, which has prompted consumers more attention to sustainable connotation. Jiang Rui, trend researcher of the Chinese Women's Wear Popular Trend Research Institute, Trend Researcher, believes that in the spring and summer of 2022, the design of the routine daily items collided with the improvement fabric and scientific innovation, and the durable quality and minimalist style will complement each other, and create 2022 spring. Summer is suitable for daily leisure or commuting conventional style.

According to reports, in the spring and summer women's clothing in 2022, it will be an eternal theme. Therefore, the rural style clothing model will create a unique conspicuous beauty through the balance of handicraft style and minimalist style. On fabrics, numbness, cotton, organic cotton, regenerated cotton, etc. are key materials that highlight sustainable connotations.

Under the concept of "noble", high-level pragmatism, the new high-level style style will be popular. The costumes are tailored by the most futuristic, creating a conventional style suitable for daily leisure or commuting, such as long and ankle windbreaker suit, supplemented by the details of the metal vent, highlighting the texture, and conveys the practical communication. Delicate knit coexisting with comfort and precision, using antibacterial, anti-wrinkle, easy care and other functional improvement of clothing.

"Spring and summer, the romantic light fabric is always the 'darn of the fashion world'." Jiang Rui believes that such as three-dimensional lace, semi-spar yarn, silk fabric, super fine knitting will come back to the spring and summer spring and summer, and is passed by soft Light powder wax creates a relaxed atmosphere. In the clothing, the beautiful female temperament is created with if the hidden style, whether the skirt swaying the width dress, or a dressing skirt, both practical and dream sensation.

In summer, people tend to choose a holiday trip. Therefore, the classic summer vacation style will also retro to the vision in a light retro romantic fresh manner. Net water blue, mint green, glass blue, etc. will become epidemic, and in summer vacation style costumes. Light blue gradient jeans with a plain sweater, traditional corsets and romantic drag-flops are blended in the same, whether it is a flower pattern, super large wave point, or a variant, collage the pattern of patterns, it seems modern The ocean is full of smart.

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